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    Solar collector t&p valve excessive tripping

    protech is very right, do not use a t&p valve any where near the collector. t&p valves are set to go at 210f as per ipc. you only need a pressure relief valve.
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    Solar single wall heat exchangers

    You can use propylene glycol in single walled heat exchangers so long as the unit is marked with class 1 substance as recommended by the fda and ipc and the unit is UL listed. the fda website goes into a little more detail but it will meet code.
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    Interested in solar water heating system for my midwest home

    this pic shows what happens to evacuated tubes in the winters of the usa, you have to spec that they have alcohol in them or they will split at the bottom when it freezes outside. this pic is from a customer who bought the tube type and regretted it big time.
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    Best Solar Hot Water System Guides -With Step-by-Step Instructions

    Sorry but deno solar are not the people i would use. uncertified products with high prices. there are much better products out there for a better price. just my opinion, a valid one too i think.
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