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  1. ajcrm125

    Backflow preventer: basement usage?

    I've been reading online the use of backflow preventers for irrigation systems and often read that one of the benefits of using a Double-Check Backflow Preventer is that it can be placed below the height of the highest head in the system, making it applicable for underground or basement usage...
  2. ajcrm125

    Sizing a well tank for a sprinkler system.

    Hi, I have a family of 4 living in a home with 2.5 baths and currently have a WellMate WM-6 (20gal) well tank. We're in the process of installing a sprinkler system and I'm wondering if the existing well tank is sufficient. The sprinkler system consists of about 7 zones where each zone will...
  3. ajcrm125

    Water softener flushing question

    I'm looking to install a water softener for the home and had a quick question about where to flush the system. I currently have a corrugated pipe that runs outside my entire foundation (below the frost line) of which all my drain spouts are connected to. This pipe goes to daylight. My plan was...
  4. ajcrm125

    Need help choosing a water softener system

    Yeah I have one today and it works really well. @dittohead any insight based on my report? Thanks!
  5. ajcrm125

    Hey man. I posted my report here...

    Hey man. I posted my report here. Appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  6. ajcrm125

    Need help choosing a water softener system

    Here's the report... Thanks!
  7. ajcrm125

    Need help choosing a water softener system

    Right the test was done from Quabbin Analytical Labs here locally. Being right next to the reservoir I'm lucky enough to have a lab pretty much next door. :) Some of the other requested values: Iron 0.03 Manganese 0.07 Ph 7.74 Arsenic 0.00189 I'll look at the report more and see if any values...
  8. ajcrm125

    Need help choosing a water softener system

    Been suffering from hard well water since we built our house 10+ years ago and decided it's finally time to get a softening system. A bit overwhelmed at all of the options out there however. For some reason I thought there was a site where you could input your water test data and it would...
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