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  1. Master Plumber Mark

    New Rheem water heater… main burner

    I would call the gas company and tell them you want your gas meter inspected or changed out.... start there first... and its a free service...... We get a few issues like this every so often where an older meter "sticks or locks up" and its just a matter of getting a new one...... In the...
  2. Master Plumber Mark

    1985 AO Smith conservationist

    That is Your best bet take the whole heater out and install a new water heater
  3. Master Plumber Mark

    What's this copper line at bottom of water heater for?

    It might be a passive return line that works from gravity instead of having a recirculation pump... odds are that is what it was or still is...... you can just shut them off and see if effects any kind of instantianous hot water at the furtherest places in your home..... you dont have to...
  4. Master Plumber Mark

    What is this called

    If you are having troubles with the drain and its stopped up or getting slow,, Those drum traps make a sloppy mess when you attempt to clean them out or remove them... good times
  5. Master Plumber Mark

    Yellow water again a week after new water softener installed

    if you are on a well you probably need an air injection type of iron filter before the water softener not just some wimpy small thing hanging on the wall ...
  6. Master Plumber Mark

    Blue paste like substance clogging taps and hot water circulation

    If you are city water I would probably ask them about this.... and is this only on the hot side of the system, are you sure that it is not also on the cold side too?? It looks like some additive that the water company might throw into the system at every change of the seasons.. Are you on a...
  7. Master Plumber Mark

    Winterization Checklist?

    From 1998 through 2009 I used to do about 200 of them every winter for repossessed homes... all you really need is one of those pan type air compressors that goes up to 150psi and you set it up in your truck, if their is still power then you are good to go..... if not then you need a...
  8. Master Plumber Mark

    1 week old water heater making sizzling noise (with video)

    They can do this when they are heating up, if you empty the hot water in the tank then it can make the noise as it re-heats itself
  9. Master Plumber Mark

    Yellow water again a week after new water softener installed

    You must be on a well and have high iron levels in your water .... You either need an iron filter before the water softener because a common water softener will take out maybe 3 parts per million of iron..... and you could have biological iron in your water too..... Whomever installed the...
  10. Master Plumber Mark

    Converting to solar power?

    I used to deal with solar power and solar panels a very long time ago.... 1983-1985 I personally have had nothing but bad experiences with solar... Unless you are technically inclined, working on solar issues it will drive you absolutely nuts 1. Panels on roofs can cause leaks in the...
  11. Master Plumber Mark

    Converting to solar power?

    Some things are really not wise to switch from the gird to solar power... for the small cost to pump water up to your cistern it would probably take 20 years to actually break even plus all the issues that might arise with solar down the road... I have been down these roads before.......
  12. Master Plumber Mark

    Running Plumbing in a unheated garage.

    You can always install a heat cable like they do on old trailer parks long as you remember to plug it in for the winter time it will work ok.... and as long as the power does not go out to that circuit some time in the winter months it wont freeze
  13. Master Plumber Mark

    Running Plumbing in a unheated garage.

    How often do you think the guy will use it in the wintertime?? I dont think he is coming back to look at this thread
  14. Master Plumber Mark

    Corrosion on Water Inlet - 10 Month Install

    The heat coming off the water heater flu pipe is "browning" the nipple Its just a normal things that will happen... maybe your flu pipe needs a good cleaning but its not really anything that I would lose too much sleep over
  15. Master Plumber Mark

    Running Plumbing in a unheated garage.

    install shut offs and drain ports in the heated part of your garage or house and just drain the lines when you dont need the water on... and just fire it back up when you do need the water on in the winter time... and of course just leave in on live all summer long that would be the most...
  16. Master Plumber Mark

    Help with low water pressure

    Why not just eliminate the prv valve and see what happens?? their are a lot of folks in my town that have 100+ psi coming into their homes without any prv to kick it down.... I cant even talk them into a PRV valve so they have more stress on the system..... If you think you only have around...
  17. Master Plumber Mark

    Orange water from fairly new AO Smith water heater

    I bought a bunch of damaged gas rheem heaters back in 2013, a semi load of rheem water heaters did a flip on the interstate on the way to south bend indiana and the driver was even killed.. it was a bad accident. I bought the whole load of 140 of them for something like 50 bucks...
  18. Master Plumber Mark

    Orange water from fairly new AO Smith water heater

    Sorry, I did not see how old it was..... just tell them its leaking and switch it out.... I bet it got dropped off the top shelf at lowes and smacked the floor hard but did not injure the box or body of the heater.... Somewhere in shipping it took a hard drop..... just change it and if I...
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