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  1. Bbillcee

    how tight to tighten steam radiator to valve

    hey just wondering how tight you go when tightening a steam radiator to the it normally as tight as possible? or really tight with like a 2 foot wrench? i can put the monster 36" on there and get tighter put dont think its necessary and dont wanna snap something ?
  2. Bbillcee

    Anyone know what this vintage tool is?

    i think it uses a hand held power threader to drive it? ‍♂️photo
  3. Bbillcee

    Replacing part of a radiator return advice

    its comes down from an elevated radiator!
  4. Bbillcee

    Replacing part of a radiator return advice

    hi guys So I am preparing to get a mud job for a tile floor and decided I should open a cement patch that was covering a radiator return pipe...good thing I did!!!! t\This thing is heavy rotted ...prolly leaking already I'm gonna either have the section replaced from the union to where...
  5. Bbillcee

    Delta rough in valve body question

    hey are there an user replaceable parts on the delta rough in valve? I had one installed 10 years ago. the tenant broke off the the little mixing lever on top of the handle. Delta sent me a new one and i was able to screw it in. I was looking at the plastic part of the shower body where that...
  6. Bbillcee

    New washer, now have a violent water hammer

    should i get one for the hot water as well?
  7. Bbillcee

    New washer, now have a violent water hammer

    got a new washer and when it closes the valve after a rinse or fill i get a very violent bang in the cold water pipe...what can i do?
  8. Bbillcee

    Aqua stat setting

    thanks a lot......from what i can tell the aqua stat is only used for DHW and there is none on the model without the coil. In the summer i turn the boiler off!
  9. Bbillcee

    Aqua stat setting

    weil mcclain eg 50 - natural gas.....i think aqua stat was solely for the coil...i could be wrong
  10. Bbillcee

    Aqua stat setting

  11. Bbillcee

    Aqua stat setting

    this is a one pipe steam system, cast iron radiators
  12. Bbillcee

    Aqua stat setting

    I have this Honeywell l4006a aquastat on my weil mcclain eg50 boiler.....the boiler used to have a coil for domestic hot water that i am no longer using. The dial is set to 160 and i see a "5" on the differential wheel. Do these settings seem correct for just using this as a heating system now...
  13. Bbillcee

    Kohler refinia faucet low pressure 1.2 gallon

    so I got this faucet and the pressure is terrible. Is the flow held back by the aerator on this or is there a pressure reducer somewhere?? Anyone know a way I could increase the pressure? I inquired with kohler about a different aerator they said no
  14. Bbillcee

    Hot water issue?

    even better will do ;)
  15. Bbillcee

    Hot water issue?

    yes it does, but i checked it after the shower , ill check it before and see if it comes out hot there before the shower
  16. Bbillcee

    Hot water issue?

    hey guys ... I have been noticing when I take a shower in the morning sometimes the water gets only lukewarm. I am the only one in the house right now. It's a 2 family so I have big water heater a.o. Smith. When I ran the sink after the shower the water was hot. So is it possible the water...
  17. Bbillcee

    Steam radiator valve question

    will partially closing the valve lower the heat? I already have the smallest vent on it as it is close to the boiler.
  18. Bbillcee

    Replace dielectric nipple with stainless?

    Can I replace a dielectric nipple with a stainless steel one? Will that be ok connected to copper?
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