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  1. Patrick88

    How to prevent your computer from getting Virus

    I wouldnt bother running IE. They still have not been able to keep IE secure for more than a few months. Get a router turn the firewall on in the router. Get a good Firewall like ZoneAlarm. Zone Alarm free works just fine. Sign up for open DNS. Carefully learn how to set it up. There now...
  2. Patrick88

    In Nh. friend with radon. needs water filter for radon

    I'm sure GAC works just fine. I also daont blame anybody for offering it. Thats long term biz. lol I have not seen what the resin balls look like. The soon to be former owner called me. He told me they were golf ball sized. I am very sure my friend will get the house. Once he does I will...
  3. Patrick88

    In Nh. friend with radon. needs water filter for radon

    I agree Gary Slusser. To the point of It's hard to believe that rinsing of the resin balls is just as good are removing and replacing Radioactive GAC. Does the resin work as well as GAC. Did my other friend get screwed and should think about getting the same type of set up as the resin tank...
  4. Patrick88

    In Nh. friend with radon. needs water filter for radon

    I just talked to the guy who owns the house my friend is looking to buy. He said the water filter thats in place is an Anaerobic system. It has what looks like golf balls in the tank. that just get flush out once a year or less often. Will this handle radon. Thank you very much for the help.
  5. Patrick88

    In Nh. friend with radon. needs water filter for radon

    I have been helping a long term friend look for a house in Raymond NH. Well the house he really wants Has radon. The last test is from 2003. Has radon levels of 1.6. If he gets the house it will be retested. Well I know radon filters can be pricey. He knows this n is already looking for...
  6. Patrick88

    Buying Spare Parts For My Old Computer

    Yea love the fact Windows reports everything you have on your pc.
  7. Patrick88

    Kohler Tub Drain fix

    I have never seen an old one come out with ease. Cutting them out is not easy. It's best to remove the whole thing n replace it.
  8. Patrick88

    Buying Spare Parts For My Old Computer

    Well Im sorry for forgetting the upgrade thing with windows. I only ran xp for 1 yr before i stopped running windows. I think this was one of the many reasons I didnt like it. I was always adding n removing things. lol I think i tested a bunch of video cards n audio cards. Plus trying crap...
  9. Patrick88

    Drain for basement bathroom

    Yes and if you get caught you will be forced to have it all removed on your dime. ;)
  10. Patrick88

    Buying Spare Parts For My Old Computer

    if you get a cpu that will work with the same mother board. no you should get any problems You you change motherboard n cpu. you will not have any probs its not the 1980's when everything had to be messed with. Most everything ir plug n play
  11. Patrick88

    Thinking of upgrading

    At some point i'm looking to upgrade. System works great so no rush. lol Toying with a quad core. I know i dont really need it but ya know :D I have a mid tower now. It only has room for a few hard drives. It can hold 4 cd/dvd drives. Reall dont care for any cd/dvd drives now. Has anybody...
  12. Patrick88

    I seem to have a pretty unique shallow pump problem.

    is the pump holding prime or just the pipes. I am thinking having a small tank would help with this.
  13. Patrick88

    Buying Spare Parts For My Old Computer

    I have always gotten some type of warning long before something stop working. Like BobL43 said a hard drive will make noises. video wll some times seem a little slow or acting strange. Audio wll seem like lost reception off/on off/on. mother boards wll tend to last a long time. Memory well you...
  14. Patrick88

    Loud Fan Won't Turn Off

    nice lol I like that. Goes hand in hand with crapdows
  15. Patrick88

    Symmonds Valve - Connections to shower

    Last time i did a symmons valve it was sweat all around. You just take the valve apart n have at it. Never have much trouble with them.
  16. Patrick88

    Loud Fan Won't Turn Off

    Yea had a few old given to me laptops. They were not worth messing with as far as putting any os on them. They were slow from day one. Well pulled them apart. I got one back together. the other two i tossed out. Was more to learn than anything. lol I would rather have a tower. I can put in add...
  17. Patrick88

    Loud Fan Won't Turn Off

    Well I do know your oh so very right. Sadly the last time i pulled apart a laptop it didnt go very well. lol I have thought of it. I have pulled out the drive and memory all dust free. I have not found many people who say many good things about acer laptops. My work has a pile of acer flat...
  18. Patrick88

    Loud Fan Won't Turn Off

    I have blowen out the laptop a few times. No dust at all. If I crank things up some it does get hot. It's just a crappy Acer. I got it for free helping a friend learn how to use linux. He gave me 4 towers 3 amd 64. The 4th was just dust glogged n i pulled a few things from it n trashed it...
  19. Patrick88

    White solids in sewage ejection basin tank - what are they?

    Maybe I missed something. Is the float hitting the wall? Grease will build up. it happens. It could be from what ever you eat. I have seen it in many pits n sewer lines. Get a rubber glove n feel what the white stuff is. If it feels like butter its grease. Check the ties that are holding the...
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