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  1. Frustrated Canadian

    Double Sink water backing up

    Thank you “Reach4” & “Wwhitney”, You guys were bang on, I cleaned out the clog with a snake Flows perfectly, glad I didn't install an AAV, lesson learned, plumbing is not that easy (learned the same lesson with electrical)! Thanks again, Jeff (tail wagging like a dog about to go for a walk)
  2. Frustrated Canadian

    Double Sink water backing up

    Thank you “Reach4” & “Wwhitney” for such prompt responses! I hope these answers can help….. Sink has not been used for a few hours, 3 quarts of water starts filling the second sink. To clean: I can just unscrew the adaptor at the trap and it slips right off as an assembly (not...
  3. Frustrated Canadian

    Double Sink water backing up

    Good day Folks, I think, I have a similar problem. Since our kitchen was redone, the single shallow sink was replaced with 2 deep sinks. My sinks drain slow, emptying into the empty sink when one side is drained, and emptying into both sinks when the dishwasher drains. 1. if I flow water in...
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