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  1. 3D Artist

    Are there any reliable freeze-proof outdoor shower assemblies?

    So I am the original poster and here is what looks pretty foolproof, found on YouTube. A good brand with good parts all replaceable freeze-proof sillcock with hw and cw, plumbed line an indoor tub with faucet that has a stop. All galvanized pipe. Here is what the guy that did it says about...
  2. 3D Artist

    Are there any reliable freeze-proof outdoor shower assemblies?

    I see one Home Depot is selling the Prier model, and a number of other outlets sell the same thing. Is it reliably freeze-proof? We'd be attaching outside the doubled plumbing wall behind the ventless combo washer dryer inside, the wall doubled so there is no plumbing in the exterior wall. I...
  3. 3D Artist

    Vent the sink drain in kitchen islan

    I am drawing the mechanical part of the plans for a new build, client's a friend, a builder, this will be his hideaway, a little one bed one bath house on a slab. The kitchen island sink is way out there, like Hawaii, surrounded by space with the nearest wall 7.5 feet to its center, it's an...
  4. 3D Artist

    Lake source water scheme

    A year round tiny house is to be built on the shore of a lake with pure water. It is a big lake in the northern Adirondacks, and is the water source for the town of 6000 people. It's deep freeze country, and in the coldest winters the lake ice can be a foot or more in thickness. The depth to...
  5. 3D Artist

    Access panel for tub with equipment

    I drew plans for a client that wants a shower room with tub, meaning the room, glass wall with door, other three sides all waterproofed and tiled, houses both the shower and a bathtub. I attached clips of renders showing the room, and a section view through. I hope she chooses a tub that is...
  6. 3D Artist

    Run system OK with disabled DAT?

    How would one test one of these to see if it is OK? I can borrow a good multimeter.
  7. 3D Artist

    Run system OK with disabled DAT?

    I understand concepts of OH&P so let's drop the Q of why the cost of the quoted work is what it is. I want to know why a DAT sensor is not needed. Or quoted. Can the unit overcool so much it produces supply air at 29F and on the other end, heated air at 111? Either would cause a shutdown if...
  8. 3D Artist

    Run system OK with disabled DAT?

    We've a 3.5-year-old house in subtropical FL, the system is a Carrier FB4CNP061, set up with three zones, a Honeywell HZ322 control board, Honeywell tstats, and Honeywell zone damper motors. An HVAC tech came to analyze and fix a problem we were having. We were not getting cooling in our...
  9. 3D Artist

    Lift station distance from bathroom?

    The plan for a new house has a basement bathroom with a 22-foot run to the closest place the required ejector pit can be. From there it's 9 feet up and 8 feet over for the 2 inch line from the pit to where it will Y into the sewer line out. Are these run lengths too long?
  10. 3D Artist

    Under-slab basement bath DVW scheme

    Is this looking OK? No rolled wyes or tees. Everything connecting at the same level, about. Shower 2" routing around the WC 3" to drain into the 2" which is serving as the vent for the shower and the WC.
  11. 3D Artist

    Which quarter bend for lav drain?

    A trap arm runs two and a half feet from its stack connection to where it will turn out for the lav connection. It is 1-1/2 DWV PVC. Should that turn-out (it is essentially horizontal) be a quarter bend (90) or a long quarter bend?
  12. 3D Artist

    And one more DWV 3D to examine and critique, please.

    Thanks, Terry! That lav that will now drain by running horizontally (sloped of course) through the wall over to the 2" stack, I can see how that eliminates taking it into the floor, but at the lav where the trap arm goes, is that a simple flatwise 1-1/2" ell? In other words, is the lav vented...
  13. 3D Artist

    And one more DWV 3D to examine and critique, please.

    Thank you, Wayne. I changed out the 3x3x2 sanitary tee I had laying on its back to accomplish the toilet vent, with a 3x3x2 combo reducing wye with 1/8 bend. Not finding anything with appropriate hub sizes in a fitting with side inlet, I let the lav drain go as I had it. But for future, is...
  14. 3D Artist

    And one more DWV 3D to examine and critique, please.

    This is a half-bath. The question is whether the W.C. is properly vented. I drew a 3x3x2 sanitary tee to vent the 2" straight up through a wall. As can be seen, I piped the lav drain so as to come into the 3" drain downhill from the W.C. And how about this? I drew a sanitary tee for the...
  15. 3D Artist

    Yet another 3D DWV for you pros to critique

    In this one I am questioning the appropriateness of the venting. The W.C. is at the top end of the drain, and the shower comes in and has a 2" vent line popping out of it using a combo wye and tee rolled 45. The vent thus vents the shower drain and the downhill W.C. Look OK? Might I have...
  16. 3D Artist

    How necessary is it to roll the tee to vent?

    Thanks for the comments and corrections. Here is the revised layout, and the 2" vent has its wye rolled up 45. I also included the rendering of the other bath that Terry advised layout for. All is flat, there are no 45 rolls. Shower to right, W/C at center, and where the lav drain goes into...
  17. 3D Artist

    How necessary is it to roll the tee to vent?

    And here is my revised layout for that ensuite bath. If you compare it to the earlier version posted above, you can see that I am now doing all the piping flat. There are no rolled tees. The top end of the drain is the W/C and it has the shower drain wyeing into it. Above that wye, a 2"...
  18. 3D Artist

    How necessary is it to roll the tee to vent?

    And Terry's is the most efficient, with no "rolled up" fittings needed. I certainly was "over-vented," and improperly used sanitary tees. The other bath layout should be changed from how I have it. Because of the geometry, it looks as if the 2" vent line I have teeing off the w/c drain should...
  19. 3D Artist

    How necessary is it to roll the tee to vent?

    Thanks! So does this look like a plan? This is the other (3/4) bathroom on this floor, but has the same: WC, shower, and lav. Note the question about rolling the wye where the 2" comes into the 3".
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