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  1. hj

    Recommendation on the next steps

    Normally, once you twisted it that far it would broken the three small tubes behind the control unit. Then you would either have had to replace the valve, or call me to replace the three small tubes. There is no "recovery" from what you did. Any attempt to straighten it out will probably finish...
  2. hj

    Swing check valve vs spring check valve for Gravity Fed Hot Water Recirc system

    Since when, and why, have gravity systems become "illegal:?
  3. hj

    Swing check valve vs spring check valve for Gravity Fed Hot Water Recirc system

    A spring check valve will NOT open with the very minimal pressure of a gravity system. In fact, it may not even open a swing check which is why there is usually a small hole drilled in the gate to allow flow.
  4. hj

    Is this spigot likely sweated on?

    I have NEVER seen that type soldered. They have always been screwed on
  5. hj

    Changing diameter of trap arm to gain distance?

    Unless you were to use an "eccentric reducer/increaser" the change in size would introduce a "step" in the flow line. And all codes prohibit increasing the pipe size in drain lines in the upstream direction.
  6. hj

    How to remove valve stem and identification

    The sleeves distort and bind when you try to remove them with pliers. Insert a snug fitting socket into the sleeve to support the sleeve then you can unscrew it and get to the stem's hex to remove it.
  7. hj

    How does one turn off the water in a double sink in the kitchen ?

    ??????? Just like a single sink. You turn off the water valves.
  8. hj

    Price Pfister USA Rough-In Valve

    bath tub, shower, bath/shower combination, or anywhere mixed hot/cold water was desired.
  9. hj

    Connect bottom port of Kohler Rite Temp Valve to diverter valve

    Depending on how the valve is designed, it could be a BETTER installation. Similar to inverting Delta, and some other valves, to improve flow.
  10. hj

    18" Centers Double Sink Trap Kit?

    Get 12", or longer, flush elbows.
  11. hj

    How to remove this handle please.

    UNless the entire valve rotates when you try to unscrew it, just turn the chrome piece.
  12. hj

    90 degree snake

    If a snake cannot go around a 90 degree turn, it is useless for ANY drain clearing job. Even "flat tapes" will negotiate a turn.
  13. hj

    How to remove this handle please.

    Unscrew the chrome bell under the handle.
  14. hj

    Is 52 psi enough for good RO flow rate? Our current system sucks

    Your house pressure is immaterial. The air pressure in the RO tank determines your RO pressure
  15. hj

    Vacuum breaker for a bidet.

    You buy a bidet faucet/filler, which has it bulet in.
  16. hj

    Moen 3570 Valve passing water from cold supply to hot supply

    It is the cartridge, not the spool
  17. hj

    Help on parts

    you did not send a picture.
  18. hj

    Replacing an old gas pipe

    That was a "legal" gas pipe, but that material was VERY prone for corrosion. I would not trust any portion of it once a section started leaking.
  19. hj

    Does anybody know the brand and type of cartridge of this faucet? please help

    My initial guess is Pfister, but would need to see it without the handle attached
  20. hj

    Electric water heater in kitchen cabinet

    Or inside a corner cabinet.
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