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  1. EAP

    Q re venting basement bath

    Go to the library or a HI store like Lowe's or Home Depot. They have plumbing books like the Black & Decker guides. These and others show a basement bath that has been plumbed from rough-in to completion. Your photo of the plumbing looked like a nightmare. Too confusing and obviously full of...
  2. EAP

    Roughing in basement

    Gary gave some great advice on consulting a pro. A basment bathroom especially with drains under the slab, is often outside the realm of a DIY project. Too many variables. You should also get yourself a book or two from the library that demonstrates this type of plumbing project. So you get a...
  3. EAP

    Cut & Jack Hammer Basement Slab

    That sounds about par. If you realy don't want to DIY something, this would be a good one to have the pros handle. Your back will love you for it!:D Good luck.
  4. EAP

    Help with PEX

    I don't think your plumber did you any favors with the refer water install (as you describe) and now you have the consequences to show for it! That said, if you choose to invest in the PEX tools and all that jazz:D redo your refer water supply while you're at it! You may also want to...
  5. EAP

    Cut & Jack Hammer Basement Slab

    Keep in mind no matter how it's done - in a basement with no walk-out, it's gonna be a real workout. In many ways. The cart, jackhammer and bits alone weigh close to a hundred pounds. Lugging that down 15 steps or so is just the beginning and then it's the end and a heavy one at that!:eek...
  6. EAP

    Help with PEX

    Unless you plan to do alot of work with PEX in the future, you might be best having a pro take care of it. The crimping tool alone can cost a hundred bucks or so. There's also a learning curve involved with PEX. Not too difficult, but you would have to practice on a few crimps and what not...
  7. EAP

    Cut & Jack Hammer Basement Slab

    12" is plenty of width for your project. If you do DIY, make sure any HVAC is shut OFF. The dust will kill the blower motor in short order. Better yet, isolate the furnace from the area to be cut if possible. Unless you rent an industrial wetsaw, this will likely end up being a two person...
  8. EAP

    Install bathroom near laundry?

    You're very welcome Jill! Glad to be of assistance.
  9. EAP

    DWV dilemma

    It looks like your drains run horizonatally correct? You can not use a sanitary tee as a drain fitting in a horizonatal run of pipe. You must use a Wye instead. Setting a tee on its back is not permissable for drains. If you used an auto vent (Air admittance valve) [if code approved] it...
  10. EAP

    Adding a second bathroom

    Are we to understand that your main drain exits through the wall? If that is the case, you will need an ejector pump for your fixtures. Both sink and toilet need to be vented. The distance from the flange to the vent must be 5 feet or less. The sink (vent) can be tied in to the same vent...
  11. EAP

    Install bathroom near laundry?

    Unless you have a few feet to excavate, it will be a HARD job, physically speaking. And if that is the case, a jackhammer is the best way to do it yourself. Or you could hire a concrete-cutting company, may not be cheap! You could save $500 or so. But you will need to get rid of the rubble...
  12. EAP

    New bathroom in un-plumbed basement

    Yes, by all means get an expert opinion. If you goof up, you'll have to tear open the floor again. Worse yet, the system will not work properly and that'll be a nightmare in and of itself. You could save around $500 doing the concrete excavations yourself. You will create a ton of rubble...
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