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  1. Winslow

    Wet vent a bath group, UPC Code

    horizontal wet venting is not allowed under the UPC?
  2. Winslow

    tub overflow pipe won't budge to replace gasket

    Just seal the overflow with propoxy and call it good.
  3. Winslow

    Gerberit Wall Hung Toilet Rough-In

    Either way you first diagramed it will work. No need to use a wye on the stack. If you don't have that much room underneath then bring the line up to the left of the toilet, put a heel outlet above the floor and turn the 90 on the toilet to the left.
  4. Winslow

    Notching studs?

    It's only a nailer for the drywall, run a cup saw through it leaving as much as possible. How did you intend on turning this into a double vanity, you can put only 1 trap on a trap arm. You need to either cut in a san tee underneath, run over to within 42 inches of the other sink then revent or...
  5. Winslow

    Bolt on wall mounted toilet came out of wall

    is this a residential toilet or a commercial toilet? Do you mean when you backed off the mounting nut the threaded rod came out with it? You should be able to screw it back in. There should have been a backup nut to lock it in place. Depending on the wall material there also should be an...
  6. Winslow

    Soldering copper to brass??

    generally it's one year
  7. Winslow

    Replace 63 year old Cast Iron drain lines or no?

    If it's within your budget I'd change it now while you have the chance. A lot cheaper then opening up walls and ceiling later.
  8. Winslow

    total discharge for stack meaning

    Where did the phrase (total dishcharge for stack)come from and how does it relate to a question on allowable fixture units on a 2 inch vent? According to the UPC 24 fixture units can run on a 2 inch vent with a maximum lenth of 120 ft, 40 of which can be horizontal.
  9. Winslow

    Using HW Copper for CW

    do the toilets have hot water coming into them also? Are the shower valves two handle or single handle?
  10. Winslow

    Kohler valvet question

    keep the stem half closed. Tighten it by hand ensuring that the stem can spin freely until the bonnet is tight. Why not replace the hot and cold at the same time while the water is off? Do not apply any grease on the stem, have had them open by itself after using greaseon the stem (brass barrel...
  11. Winslow

    Does shower faucet stem packing nut need to be removed before removing the stem ?

    Make sure the water is off and the stem is open (the bibb washer is not compressed against the seat.) This will not only make removal easier it wil also ensure you don't strip the threads in the valve body. Some valves like harcraft for example have fine soft threads and trying to remove the...
  12. Winslow

    No water in shower, tried everything

    Turn off the water remove the cartridge and blow compressed air through the shower head and see if it is clear. This is the only fixture with a problem?
  13. Winslow

    Is this a correct install? Pic of Shower and Toilet Drain installed by local plumber.

    The shower needs a vent. Additionally the max drop allowable from the shower drain to the trap is 24" (UPC)
  14. Winslow

    Is this a drain? (above water softner loop)

    looks like a drain for a W/M standpipe.
  15. Winslow

    Tight space trap arm question

    It doesn't appear that you are that much of a stickler, it could have been done correctly without reframing anything or dealing with any cement. Nor is a lack of convenience a valid reason for a code violation. While structural conditions play into an inspectors decision it is not applicable...
  16. Winslow

    Tight space trap arm question

    If the distance from the crown weir of the trap to the opening in the pipe for the vent is less than 2 pipe diameters it is a crown vent, it need not be at the true crown of the trap. The combo picking up the W/B should have been cut in the next stud bay then run back to the standpipe. While not...
  17. Winslow

    Crown-Vented Laundry Drain Trap?

    I already said it means from the crown weir of the trap to the opening in the san tee. The hubs have nothing to do with it. The same requirement applies to hubless pipe and fittings.
  18. Winslow

    Crown-Vented Laundry Drain Trap?

    Actually he could remove/relocate that stud on the left side to give him the required 2x trap arm required. The offset in the riser is OK as long as the p-trap is set level.
  19. Winslow

    Crown-Vented Laundry Drain Trap?

    The measurement is taken from the crown weir to the opening in the tee. In that situation the inspector is likely to overlook it.
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