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  1. DIY_Novice

    Two PVC joints at once?

    Quick question - I created the right side of my dual vanity plumbing setup so I could easily slip it on to two couplings and hook it up to the rest of the system (left side vanity). This made sense to me at the time until I realized I'm now going to have to glue two connections at once. Exactly...
  2. DIY_Novice

    Bevel OD of PVC? DWV question

    I'm cutting my PVC with a miter saw and getting a perfect cut with sharp edges, no burrs whatsoever. I'm taking a reamer to the inside just because I have one but I don't have an O.D. reamer. Hitting it with sand paper seems to make it quite rough. Do I need to go out and buy the rigid...
  3. DIY_Novice

    Trust the ProFlex or try to break this galvanized threaded connection?

    I'm really struggling with deciding to just trust a ProFlex coupler here (to join galvanized to PVC) or try to really muscle and unthread this joint and thread in with PVC. My main concern w the ProFlex is not be able to really test it for leaks other than a garden hose through a Santee which...
  4. DIY_Novice

    Best way to move/open up existing holes in 2x4 for proper drain slope?

    I have existing holes for bathroom vanity plumbing in my 2x4 framed wall, however they are not 1/4" per ft slope, and I'd like them to be. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to "open" these holes upwards (effectively, create an oval)? A jigsaw or sawzall won't fit - something better than...
  5. DIY_Novice

    Dual Vanity Plumbing Review

    Can anyone help identify what size pipe this is? I measure the pipe at 1 7/8" OD and 1 3/4" ID. I've cut the metal horizontal pipe to the right of the circles in red and wanted to use a hub coupler but the 2" shielded hub coupling I bought...
  6. DIY_Novice

    Dual Vanity Plumbing Review

    Terry, wwhitney, Thank you for your replies. I'm not totally opposed to tapping into that cast iron, I just don't want to mess with the oakum/lead OR main stack very bad. It looks like I could get into the main stack at these threaded fittings pretty easy though? This is just to the left...
  7. DIY_Novice

    Dual Vanity Plumbing Review

    Hi all, I've looked at quite a bit of dual vanity setups on the net but I'd rather not cut into the iron pipe here if I can help it. I also bought a dang vanity that has several drawers directly in the center between the two sinks. I've attached a blank photo and a proposed photo. Does anyone...
  8. DIY_Novice

    Can I solder drop ear with PEX already connected to shower valve?

    Thanks Reach4 and Terry. Any issue with dunking the joint in water afterwards to help cool down the pipe faster?
  9. DIY_Novice

    Can I solder drop ear with PEX already connected to shower valve?

    Hi all, quick question - it looks like I messed up my order of operations. I would have rather soldered the tub spout (sweat drop ear 90 elbow) before putting on the PEX but I screwed up. Can I still sweat solder the drop ear with all this PEX connected to the shower valve? To be clear, I'm not...
  10. DIY_Novice

    Bow in Bath Tub / Ledger Board

    Got a hold of the manafacturer and they said this is by design so the water doesn't pool in the corners of the tub (makes sense) and that shimming it in the two corners is fine. They mentioned the walls should still install OK as well. I think I'd rather shim than cut the ledger board in two and...
  11. DIY_Novice

    Bow in Bath Tub / Ledger Board

    Hi all, Remodeling my bathroom with a "Bootz" alcove tub (steel porcelain enameled - link) and having an issue with the bath tub flange being bent where it sits on the ledger. I've spread self leveling compound on the floor and the tub sits nice and level now on both the styrofoam support and...
  12. DIY_Novice

    Help identifying P-trap replacement/sizes

    Hi all, I've pulled the tub and replaced all the sub-floor in my bathroom tear-out, now I need to tackle the plumbing. Since I have it all open I feel silly not replacing the tub brass P-trap + drain/overflow. I'd feel a lot better replacing with new if it's not going to be a major PITA. I've...
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