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  1. Gary Swart

    A sad day at Home Depot

    They havve that kind of junk because they have customers that don't know how to do the job right and his looks just fine to them.
  2. Gary Swart

    New York Plumber

    This certainly does not appear to be a major plumbing problem. I'm sure there are licensed and bonded plumber (NOT handy man) that could make this repair.
  3. Gary Swart

    Horror basement flood stories

    Two tales of wppoe. A number if years ago, came home to find the basement flooded about 6" deep with sewage. Seem there was a large buffet restaurant about a block from me. Their grease trap failed and grease came down the hill to where my sewer line entered a manhole. The grease hardened...
  4. Gary Swart

    Winterizing a dead-end water pipe.

    You must drain the line. Insulation does not provide warmth it only slows heat transfer. One way to drain the line is with air from the pump area, Of course the water must have a place to go when the pressure is applied. The only other way is to dig down to the end of the pipe and either...
  5. Gary Swart

    Changing the main shutoff on a pressurized water line

    Years ago I had my supply line replaced by a plumbing company. A couple of years after that, I was working in the basement and bumped the shutoff valve with my stepladder. That professionally installed valve popped off. It was a weekend and the only worker that could shut the water off at the...
  6. Gary Swart

    Extreme Drain Buildup - Help?

    I understand your desire to avoid breaking out the concrete, but you might want to investigate a concrete sawing company. These guys can cut out what is necessary, do it without a mess, and remove the debris. Yeah, it will cost you so $$, but sometimes the price is worth it to get it done...
  7. Gary Swart

    Sprinklers won't come on

    There are backflow devices that can be underground. At least mine is and has been underground since 1984. It is in an irrigation box so it is not actuallynsed buried. It first inspected and approved by the city water department and in each year after that it is tested and by a licensed...
  8. Gary Swart

    Leak Near Home's Water Shut Off Valve

    You need to be aware of a couple of things regarding a PRV. First, a PRV regulates your pressure. Well duh you say, but how is this done? You must have a pressure gauge, you can't just guess. Max pressure on the water supply is 80 psi, 50 to 60 is really better. Next is a thermal expansion...
  9. Gary Swart

    Closet bolts

    The larger bolts will make you feel better, but probably aren't necessary. Remember, these bolts are just to keep the toilet from shifting during use and from moving on the seal. 1/4" closet bolts.
  10. Gary Swart

    Point of Connection/Main Line Question

    You must have a back flow prevention device to avoid cross contamination. Federal law, but not always enforced locally.
  11. Gary Swart

    How to Winterize Sprinklers - What do I need?

    I would think there would be lawn service companies in y0ur area that use commercial compressors to blow lines. They usually rent these for the few weeks in the fall. Costs a few dollars, but saves the purchase of a compressor and the fittings to connect to the system.
  12. Gary Swart

    6 irrigation questions from newbie

    I have just one negative comment. Do not use those stupid automatic drains. I cost just a few dollar in the fall to have the lines blown out with compressed air and then you know for sure they are dry. Since you made no mention of it, I wonder if you have a back flow prevention device. They...
  13. Gary Swart

    Washer Drain Problem (from a plumbing illiterate)

    Modern washers empty water very rapidly. There are code regulations regarding pipe size and p trap just to touch on a couple biggies. From your description, you have a really mess. You seem concerned that concrete may have to be broken out. I would say it will have to be broken out, but...
  14. Gary Swart

    Water Valve Behind Refrigerator

    I wonder if the valve you refer to was a saddle valve on the main supply line. These are cheap gadgets that are sold to DIYer seeking an easy way to connect the ice maker to the water source. If that is the case, I would suggest you remove the saddle valve, cut a tee into the supply line...
  15. Gary Swart

    Reconnect Sprinker System

    You haven't given enough information to help much. You need to find out where the water came from. If it is city water, there should be a backflow preventer where the irrigation comes off of the domestic line. Even if no backflow, there would be a valve. If source is from a private well, you...
  16. Gary Swart

    Natural Gas grill in garage?

    I have exactly the same grill as you pictured. I not use it in the garage, but in a covered breeze way. I do get so smoke cooking some things. Not a very good answer to you question.
  17. Gary Swart

    How to make an in-between length of brass nipple?

    What kind of a "plumbing shop" doesn't have a 1/2" male adapter copper adapter? As long is this fitting does not show, the easiest things to use are the 2 male adapters and a length of copper pipe cut to fit.
  18. Gary Swart

    Toilet Tank Problem

    I sure can't answer your question. There is NO WAY from the toilet tank can get into your water supply line that I can imagine.
  19. Gary Swart

    New Home. Toilet rough in mis-match. Right solution.

    There is another and easier solution. Toto makes what they call a Uni Fit adapter which will allow one of several models of their toilets to fit a 10", 12", or 14" rough-in. You can find a description an d pictures of this adapter on this forum. Just a couple of quick notes about this...
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