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  1. godsplumber

    Gas line size

    Great drawing just like in school 20 years ago. Here in my town, we have to stay with 3/4" all the way to the range, even though the cfh would dictate 1/2" is ok. In your case you could run 171 cfh with 3/4 at 40 feet. I would also say you could manage your demand and be ok waiting to up size...
  2. godsplumber

    Replacing old cast iron

    great pictures. with limited money if its not broken don't fix it approach. Fernco's (all rubber/no metal shield) are used for only when buried by earth. must use approved shielded coupling which will be labelled cast to abs, or cast to copper etc. I used a skill saw with a $3.00 metal blade...
  3. godsplumber

    In the Trades Forum

    I would like to be included in the trades discussion. Also, I saw a guy dry fitting his piping system. He was using motor oil (10/40) inside the hubs before inserting the pipe, for a tight fit. Does that raise any concerns with you?
  4. godsplumber

    UPC Plumbing Code, Helpful Hints by Bert Polk Plumbing inspector

    I will use the pictures. Thanks for the link
  5. godsplumber


    Thank you for the reply. I won't suggest it. I will see if I can take a picture of the approved plan.
  6. godsplumber


    yes. sand shading
  7. godsplumber


    the plumber I am questioning did not do the trench layout, the guy that did the layout left the job.
  8. godsplumber


    My friends brewery. I have to tell my friend, his plumber is not a plumber. I want to give him a correction list of what I see is wrong so far. But I don't want to suggest the sand shading because of cost, even though if it were my system I would do it. I would rather he wait for the...
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