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  1. Nukeman

    Advice needed on line size to new home

    This might help: Depending on the ID of the piping material used, you might have to step up one nominal size compared to copper.
  2. Nukeman

    AC Compressor is bad Looking at RHEEM or CARRIER

    For your current unit, do you know how old it is? My guess is it probably uses R-22 for the refrigerant. There should be a plate on the outdoor unit that will list the refrigerant (R-22 or R-410a). This tag will also have the model/serial numbers, which can be used to determine the age. I...
  3. Nukeman

    AC Compressor is bad Looking at RHEEM or CARRIER

    You might consider York. I have the York Affinity 2ton/3ton HP. It is very quiet. I like the dual speed as it runs in the low speed during most of the summer and help to dehumidify.
  4. Nukeman

    Flat vent

    Assuming you mean OH. The plumbing code is typically adopted at the state level, but sometimes cities/counties within the state will have their own. The best thing is to check with your local building department. The website for Westerville, OH is...
  5. Nukeman

    Flat vent

    Just a couple ideas/options: If you are in OH like your profile says, that is IPC land (like VA). You can go further than 5' on a 2" line. In fact, IPC will let you go to 8' before venting (maintain 1/4" per ft). See Table 906.1. Check with your local inspector to confirm...
  6. Nukeman

    Best 18+ Seer Value

    I see from your other thread that you have a gas boiler and it looks like you have your heating/cooling loads all figured out. Appears that a 3 ton A/C unit would do the job.
  7. Nukeman

    Washing machine stinks.

    Is it the same using cold water only? The only other thing I can think of is that a lot of junk accumulates between the inner tub (what you see) and the outer tub (that actually holds the water). Soap residue and other junk gets built up there and you don't see it unless to take the machine...
  8. Nukeman

    Basement Shower Plumbing

    Hard to tell, but is that running into a main horizontal line? If so, you are missing a vent, unless it is wet vented.
  9. Nukeman

    Best 18+ Seer Value

    What do you use for heat? A heat pump could be added for a small additional cost and give an additional heating source option. First thing is you need to figure out the size. It looks like you have 3 ton, 4 ton, and 5 ton condensers listed. There is a process called 'Manual J' that can give the...
  10. Nukeman

    Watts FloodSafe braided connector

    I have not used them, but they are known to have problems. See this thread:
  11. Nukeman

    San Tee Backwards

    I'm not a plumber, but I see other issues: 1. The santee from shower to toiler should be a combo (or wye + 1/8) 2. The shower vent should be vertical until 6" above flood rim (or 42" in some areas) 3. most places won't let you wet vent a clothes washer
  12. Nukeman

    Measure black iron pipe

    Another approach would be this: - end to center of a 1/2" iron elbow is about 1 1/8" from what I've seen - NPT pitch for 1/2" pipe is 14 threads/in 12" - 2 x 1 1/8" = 9 3/4" Each end is inserted 6-8 turns (3-4 hand + 3-4 wrench). Let's say 7 turns. So, 1/2" per side (7/14). 9 3/4" + 1/2" +...
  13. Nukeman

    How can I (properly) build a simple rectangular deck?

    Something like this will give you the basics. Things like footing depth and some other aspects will depend on your location. However, most of this should work in your location. You will probably need permits if doing anything beyond a repair of the old deck...
  14. Nukeman

    Tv program "Love it or List it" on HGTV

    Things are definitely setup on that show. There are always multiple problems and not enough budget. My favorite is when they had a big fireplace that went in the middle of the room and they were going to take it out (open the space). This would involve framing, replacing flooring, replacing...
  15. Nukeman

    Gluing DWV test caps

    I've used them a couple times (yellow for PVC). I used primer and cement. They worked okay for me. I also used the wingnut type as well as the test balloons (depending on location). I don't have the experience that these other guys have...just giving you another DIY viewpoint. They worked fine...
  16. Nukeman

    Had to remove part of my subfloor, now I have NO idea what to do...please help!

    None of those apply. Any of those roof loads are transferred to load bearing walls. It is very unlikely that a non-load bearing wall will protect anything. Even if a branch managed to happen to miss all load bearing structures and hit the non-load bearing is typically only supported...
  17. Nukeman

    Had to remove part of my subfloor, now I have NO idea what to do...please help!

    Of coarse it is. A non-load bearing wall can sit anywhere. The wall itself is simply a divider and serves no other purpose. It carries no load (other than it's own weight..hence the name). All you need in this case is support at the edge of the plywood patch to prevent deflection at the edge...
  18. Nukeman

    Mass 8th Edition Base Code & Sole Plate

    Ramset is fine. Some will use tapcons instead. Make sure your Ramset fasteners are rated for PT lumber. The EPDM sill gasket might be a little overkill, but nothing wrong with that. I used the foam sill gasket + PT lumber (with Ramset) for my basement wall sill plates (stud walls framed inside...
  19. Nukeman

    Had to remove part of my subfloor, now I have NO idea what to do...please help!

    Yeah. Those walls aren't carrying any loads at all. Only thing they are carrying is the weight of the sheetrock and the studs (minor deadload). You certainly don't need a structural engineer for non-load bearing walls. For the left and right walls, all you really need is something to screw the...
  20. Nukeman

    water heater over temp (T & P ) valve piping question

    Some places want the T&P to go outside. Places that require this may have provisions for when this isn't practical. I've seen documentation for cities in Calif. to run the T&P uphill, for instance. Here is an example: In this case...
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