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  1. Jimbo

    Building a P-trap

    If the can has ever been opened, it is questionable. The cement should be very "liquidy". Any signs of gel-like texure is a no-go.
  2. Jimbo

    R-22, How much per pound?

    What are service companies charging per pound for R-22 this year? My daugter's unit quit.... intitial analysis by tech is that it is "out" of freon. Unit is only a couple of years old...not a high end model. He says it is under warranty, but I am thinking if there is a leak, the freon may...
  3. Jimbo

    4 inch waste line stopped up with baby wipes . should I use the b***** drain cleaner? and blue both sell the sulfuric acid drain cleaner as described.....max strength. VERY dangerous for anyone to mess with.
  4. Jimbo

    RPZ valve ... never heard of it until today

    In CA, all commercial buildings ( apts, condos, etc) must have all water supplies protected by an RPZ valve. SIngle family homes have somewhat less resrictive requirements at this time . Domestic water ( the house) must have bibbs, pull out kitchen spouts, RO filter drains, hand held...
  5. Jimbo

    Trying to keep a water heater replacement from turning into a disaster.

    The least of your problems is no shower for a few days. I am often so pooped from chemo treatment that I don't have the energy to stand for a long shower. These are great...
  6. Jimbo

    Looking for mid range plumbing fixtures for new bathroom and kitchen

    Grohe would not be my choice,,,,,, look a Pfiser, Delta, Moen. Don't skimp on the toilet. I will avoid the graphics, but you will regret that 3 or 4 times a day!
  7. Jimbo

    Trick installing dishwasher motor & gasket?

    Don't be put off by this name... go to the website It is a DIY help which is one of the best forums on the net. Provide them the exact model number of the DW and they will take you through it. Any appiance is repairable.... if it is old, the hours involved may make...
  8. Jimbo

    Intro - Glad to be on board

    We welcome everyone! Glad to have you aboard!. We do try to be DIY friendly here, on the theory that if a homeowner asks a question, he IS bound and determined to do it, regardless. If we can get him to do it correctly, we call that a win-win. Occasionally people are clearly in over...
  9. Jimbo

    Radiant heating/woodstove

    quote" Originally Posted by Dana Pressure cookers are legal in MA, " They might be legal today, but by tomorrow, I suspect they may NOT be!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Jimbo

    Ducane furnace model MPGA problem what is your exact model number?? Seems 4 flashes is related to high limit circuit. There should be a specific wiring diagram for you unit, probably on the inside of the cover panel
  11. Jimbo

    Light Pole

    Avomeen seems to be mainly a chemical-oriented firm. THey do offer specialized litigation support.....there is a word you don't want to hear....the zeros REALLY start clicking up on your bill!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Jimbo

    Light Pole

    Some of the nationally recognzed testing labs are UL, ETL, etc. NOW, are you aware of the cost of obtaining such a listing??? It has been many years since I have been involved, but today I think between $5k and $10k will do it.
  13. Jimbo

    Southern Calif... Watts 210??

    As you may know, between medical disability, and desk job at a supply company for a while before that started, I have been " out of the loop" for field work for quite a while. Looking ahead to possibly needing to replace WH .... Is the Watts 210 temperature activated gas shut off still...
  14. Jimbo

    Identify shower valve, Price Pfishter?

    I lean to Price Pfister as hj. Do they go on/off with a push/pull???
  15. Jimbo

    Water service upgrade for home fire sprinkler

    First ask the water company about costs. You pay an meter fee based on size. But the water RATE for sprinkler system may be different, so it may pay for it to be on a separate meter
  16. Jimbo

    Need to replace one-piece fiberglass shower/tub unit

    On the anti-scald..there are two different scenarios. 1) On older buildings, when someone flushes a toilet while the shower is in use, the drop in cold water pressure can cause the temp in the shower to jump up. That is what the pressure balanced "anti-scald" valves protect against. 2)...
  17. Jimbo

    NON IC rated lighting

    Here is a spec sheet for a Halo 7" remodel can, non-IC. Requires 3" on all sides. Other models could be different. It DOES have a self-resetting thermal protector.
  18. Jimbo

    NON IC rated lighting

    An IC fixture has a hi-temperature cut-out switch. If you put in too high a wattage bulb, the temp. switch will cause the lamp to turn off and on every few minutes. If the fixture in this example was just get to call the fire department!
  19. Jimbo

    Price Pfister diverter valve

    Assuming you put the new stem in correctly ( we can talk about that later) then we can mention 2 possibilities:\ 1) Water pressure in the house way too high. Easily checked at a washing machine hose connection, with a simple guage available at hardware store. 2) The tub filling up...
  20. Jimbo

    Is Delta ball the only single lever faucet mixing valve with multiple manufacturers?

    Of course, the Delta ball faucet is so old that the patents have expired so there were knock offs. I am not aware of anyone make actual ball type faucets anymore, but they might. Several OLD brands ( Valley, etc) picked up on the seat-and-spring design, and that is still the case. Kohler...
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