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  1. Dylan

    Inspection Camera Rigid CA 150 vs Milwaukee M12 M-Spector 360

    Looking for and Inspection Camera in 9 to 10 ft range for viewing behind walls, tight spaces, 3 and 4 inch yard drains, Rigid CA 150 vs Milwaukee M12 M-Spector 360
  2. Dylan

    Water shut off locking cover

    Where can you get 2 inch pipe lock-out valve covers that work with a padlock? Main building water supply is outside in busy area where guy walking by late at night shut water off to all units.
  3. Dylan

    Measuring for water pressure spikes

    What's the most accurate way to measure for water pressure spikes? Pressure sits at 55 to 60 but will go up and down if pressure gauge is left connected. Is indicator arm pressure gauge like J66302 best tool?
  4. Dylan

    Wilkins 3/4 70XL pressure regulator

    How is the Wilkins 3/4 70XL #34-70XL water pressure regulator? Should we replace with same model or is their a better quality option?2 Ours is 12 years old it sits at 55 to 58 psi but spikes to 95 to 98.
  5. Dylan

    Replacing corner pedestal sink

    Item(s) Replacing our cracked corner pedestal sink. Will this handle fit the center hole sink? American Standard 0611.001 Color/Finish: White $202.83 American Standard 0028.000 Color/Finish: White $46.20...
  6. Dylan

    HTP Everlast Lifetime Water Heater

    Looking for info on HTP Everlast water heaters. Do they also have expansion tanks? How is parts and technician availability? Want something the average plumber will know how to work on and can easily get parts for. Willing to spend 1.5 to 2x what a Bradford White would cost. Planning to have a...
  7. Dylan

    Electric water heater Bradford White vs AO Smith vs

    Thanks, any trouble with parts availability or servicing for those heaters? Looks like they may be the best but want to be able to get parts if they break.
  8. Dylan

    Electric water heater Bradford White vs AO Smith vs

    Looking for a quaility electric water heater with good parts availability. Plumber can get Bradford White and AO Smith or other. Considering the Bradford White 40 gal. Tall 4.5kW 2-Element - RE340T6-1NCWW-506. No easy access to gas or venting for gas. Alsp saw HTP everlast can't tell if it's a...
  9. Dylan

    Qest polybutylene replacement

    We've had leaks and burst pipes and the plumber has suggested replacing the Qest polybutylene pipes. PEX would be less expensive less labor and material cost but we prefer the idea of copper. Plumber can do either. For chlorinated and acidic municipal water would type M copper resist corrosion...
  10. Dylan

    Reducing drain and air gap noise new Bosch 500 dishwasher

    I have the common increase in drain noise and air gap noise from my new Bosch 500? Do the Bosch dishwashers use a more powerful pump? Most cycles are supposed to use between 4 and 6 gallons, that's not a lot of water pumped out but it is loud. To reduce noise, would a solid metal-air gap like...
  11. Dylan

    Dishwasher install, Bosch uses 3/4 FHT connector

    Fluidmaster site said most dishwashers made after 2009 will have a 3/4" inlet size and it's supposed to make installation easier to align and require less torque to make an adequate seal. I looked at Maytag/ Whirpool and Bosch install manuals: Maytag/ Whirpool install manual: Other Parts...
  12. Dylan

    Dishwasher install, Bosch uses 3/4 FHT connector

    Thanks for the replies. I ordered the Fluidmaster FB6W60K 60 in. 3/8 in. Connector Kit that includes the 3/8" and 3/4" elbow fittings. Don't need the 3/8 in. will just put in the extra parts drawer. Looks like a lot of the dishwasher install kits now include the 3/4 elbow or you can buy it...
  13. Dylan

    Dishwasher install, Bosch uses 3/4 FHT connector

    Thanks. What are the better quality brands of braided supply lines and elbows the 3/8 to 3/8 compression supply line and 3/4 to 3/8 elbow? Fluidmaster, ProCo, Fluidmaster, etc. are decent?
  14. Dylan

    Dishwasher install, Bosch uses 3/4 FHT connector

    I was able to find a Bosch 500 SHPM65Z52N listed in stock with a delivery date toward the end of the month. Looks like I need a 3/4 to 3/4 elbow connector and a 3/8 supply line? Anything else I need to install this? Looks like Bosch uses 3/4 FHT vs 3/8 FHT. Install manual says a power cord and...
  15. Dylan

    Replacing Moen tub drain strainer/ tub body

    This is a great site I've learned a lot going through forums and had helpful answers to questions. We're replacing our tub drain strainer/ drain body (the part that threads in) and have a few questions. It's a Moen push-n-lock tub drain kit that connects to 1-1/2 in. threaded drains. Does Moen...
  16. Dylan

    Insinkerator pro-line

    Was researching garbage disposal and saw Insinkerator has a pro-line of garbage disposals. Is anyone familiar with these pro models or have experience with them? They're targeted to professionals but can be picked up at plumbing supply stores. Here Ferguson and a few others stock them. Pr0 750...
  17. Dylan

    Maytag dishwasher drain hose size and new Insinkerator Pro 750

    Replacing a Badger 5 installed by the prior owner with an Insinkerator Evolution Pro 750 with cord. Should we replace the dishwasher drain hose and the air gap too? Not having problems just want to prevent future problems. The dishwasher drains through the air gap to the garbage disposal. We...
  18. Dylan

    How are the Smart Leak Detectors?

    Our local utility in San Diego, CA, is offering a $100 rebates for qualified smart leak detectors. Are any of these worth getting? For the external Flume or StreamLab monitor, we'd be about $100 out of pocket and more for the plumbed devices. We have access to our water meter so we can just...
  19. Dylan

    2nd floor laundry mold around washer hoses

    That's a lot of hair any chance something connected to shower or other drain is slow or backing up? Once you clear the back up or other problem look into a dehumidifier. I've added a portable one in the laundry that drains through the washer standpipe and set it to 50 percent. It did kick the...
  20. Dylan

    Sump Pump plumbing connections

    Thanks, that's very helpful. Idiot light is just to show there's power (GFIC hasn't tripped) so your solution is a good option. I have a receptacle GFCI's vs panel GFCI's and just want to know if GFIC has tripped. Motors and GFCI don't play well together but it's a code requirement here. I do...
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