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  1. Dave3

    Need advice on which pipe/fittings to use

    Here 12' of M is ~$15 depending where you go and L is $30 so it's a significant difference. With the cost of the valve and the trim kit we are already pushing the budget. Pex would be much cheaper if it wasn't for the sharkbite connectors being so expensive. Is there any way to do pex without...
  2. Dave3

    Need advice on which pipe/fittings to use

    Hi Jeff, I was planning on doing a standard 1/2" soldered copper line to a drop ear for the spout and a 2" nipple as it says specifically not to use PEX for that. I had thought of doing 3/4 PEX but I can't find any 1/2" FIP x 3/4 push fittings to attach to the valve. I'm starting to think just...
  3. Dave3

    Need advice on which pipe/fittings to use

    Hi Guys, I'm replacing a shower and tub valve and was hoping to get some advice on which type of pipe to go with PEX or copper. The valve I'm installing is a Delta 10000-UNBX. I would like to get the best pressure and flow rate possible but the valve is also in a tight and awkward area to...
  4. Dave3

    Urgently need help with leaking basement

    Hi everyone, Im sorry if this is not the right section to post this but wasnt sure where to put it. My wife and I bought this house in the spring and havent had any problems up untill the other day, we had a fair bit of snow and in the span of 1-2 days it all melted because it got really warm...
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