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  1. ChefBryRD

    Pulling a submersible well from the bottom of an old pit well

    All right thanks, we'll see how I do! Yea, for all I know a flow inducer is down there and that's what covered in silt. And yea, I'm not hoping for much here, but figured it was worth trying if I could use the water. Never once seen a well from the 60s or 70s around here where people bothered...
  2. ChefBryRD

    Pulling a submersible well from the bottom of an old pit well

    Real Well of Souls vibe: We have this 55' deep hand-dug, field stone and mortar well on our property (don't worry it's usually capped). About 7' across at the top, tapers as it goes down. Makes you real glad you didn't live in the olden days. All the visible piping in the...
  3. ChefBryRD

    Looking for a valve that will open at minimum pressure

    Hello all. We have a 20 acre vegetable farm, and for irrigation water we use solar to pump water from a cistern about a half mile away to above ground storage tanks next to our barn (inlets at the top). From there we open a ball valve on the bottom outlet of a given tank, and run a 70gpm...
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