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    Understanding my Kinetico System

    "large PVC with black tube" I think you are referring to the PVC pipe coming out of the wall at a 45deg angle. That is the drain. Note that this drain connection is not to code. There needs to be a p trap and air gap here. Pipe with red valve and spout is the water supply going into the...
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    Can/should I add old resin to new softener

    This is likely a setting issue. City or well water? What is the water hardness? What is the make, model, and size of the unit? What are the current settings?
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    Used water softeners

    Tanks and valves can last a long time. The resin inside the mineral tank will break down with chlorinated water supplies. If the water supply had high iron (typically on well water but not all well water) the resin could become iron fouled. Clack WS1 parts are readily available from a number...
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    Kenmore water softener

    A lot of times what will happen is that tiny rubber washer will swell up and the hole in the middle will close or become restricted. This will prevent the unit from drawing brine.
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    Water softener waste line

    You can check with your municipality put usually draining sump discharge into the sanitary sewer is against code. Do you have a laundry standpipe near by? Even if it's on the floor above you can run the softener drain up to the laundry standpipe and just use an air gap adapter where the...
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    Katalox riser tube pulled up 4" when head was removed for servicing

    If it's smaller gravel then a garden hose on full blast down the distributor tube while working the tube up/down can usually get the tube down to the bottom. I have done this numerous times with success.
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    Old softener with no controls??

    Possibly a kinetico? Or a fleck 9000/9100 with the cover on? Post a picture please
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    iSpring RCC7P... in the basement... far far away

    You should change the tank valve, tank tubing, and post carbon to 3/8"
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    Which cycle flushes out the brine water and how to know?

    That system works a little differently than most other softeners. The order of operations is 1- fill 2-brine draw/slow rinse 3-backwash 4-rinse Yes. It will be the second cycle. It will probably say on the display either "cycle #2" or something like "brine" or "brine draw". You will have to...
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    How to set Autotrol 460i demand controller

    What size is the mineral tank? What is the salt setting? (Small dial on the side of the valve). If you have a chlorinated water supply it is likely the resin is worn out. The disc valves are also likely worn and possibly not sealing properly. Replacing the resin and disc valves would be a good...
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    Mystery component...

    It is a diffuser basket. It slides on the distributor pipe and rests just below the control valve on the AIO filter.
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    Service Manuals for Nelson Valves? This manual applies to all NWTS valves, softener, filter, etc. They do not supply a different manual for each individual model. These are typically sold to, installed by, and serviced by dealers. I think Nelson assumes...
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    Combination tank water softener

    If you want to remove the carbon only you can lay the tank on its side and rinse the carbon out with a garden hose (make sure to cover the distributor tube first). If you want to remove the resin you need a special extractor. Here is what it looks like-...
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    Advice needed reactivating water softener that has been bypassed for one a year

    Only after you start a regen cycle will it fill the brine tank with water. You don't have to wait for it to fill to add the bleach. Just pour the bleach down the brine well and press the regeneration button. The tank will fill with water then suck the same water back in again. Add 1/8-1/4 cup of...
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    Drain options

    Unless you have very low water pressure the drain will work fine if you go a few feet over 8'. If the washing machine drain is directly above it would be easy to drill a hole in the floor and run the drain up to the washing machine standpipe. You would just use a simple air gap adapter at the...
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    Advice needed reactivating water softener that has been bypassed for one a year

    That unit fills the brine tank with water as the first step in it's regen cycle. No need to add additional water. Add bleach and salt then hold the "regeneration" button for about 5 seconds. You will hear the motor start to run and the brine tank will automatically fill with water. After the...
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    Drain options

    Do you happen to have a washing machine standpipe near by? You could drain to the washing machine drain with an air gap adapter
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    Rheem Preferred RHS32.. Any experience these?

    Same as Morton, Kenmore, GE, Northstar, Whirlpool, etc
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    New Iron Filter still see Iron.

    Are you sure the unit is drawing air in the "brine" cycle? You could have a clogged injector that would prevent it from drawing air. First thing to do is run a regen cycle manually and make sure it has a strong air draw. If it is drawing air the air may be slowly leaking to the drain after the...
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    Rebedding a Culligan Mark 89 Water Softener

    That unit is a dinosaur. Save the trouble and just install a new softener.
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