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  1. RayN

    Toto Drake MS786124CEFG a Washlet+ toilet?

    Is Toto Drake MS786124CEFG a WASHLET®+ toilet? From the Toto website it looks like its is but it only shows WASHLET®+ S550e as compatible washlet. Will C2 or C5 not fit this toilet? Thanks Comes with the T40 bowl for Washlet options
  2. RayN

    Gerber Wrightwood Dual Flush Elongated???

    Anybody on the forum has used or have an opinion on Gerber Wrightwood Dual Flush Elongated Complete Toilet Kit from Costco? Any input when compared to a Toto CST Drake Series? Thanks for your valuable comments and suggestions...
  3. RayN

    Zero Waste RO System?

    I have a standard RO system with a permeate pump that dumps brine to the kitchen sink drain line. Today I came across a website that showed a Zero Waste design. The schematic is attached and basically has a double-check valve on the brine line and it dumps it in the hot water line. Does...
  4. RayN

    Toto Ultramax II 1.28 vs 1.0 GPF

    Is the performance of the 1.0 GPF same or on par with 1.28 GPF version? I will be in the market soon for another Toto. Thanks
  5. RayN

    Maintenance on Pentair GRO-75EN Encapsulated GPD Membrane?

    Is there any annual or biannual maintenance required on Pentair GRO-75EN Encapsulated GPD Membrane? Such flushing etc. ? Is anybody doing any type of service when its time to change other RO system filters? I just noticed recently that it has 200ml/min FRCT which seems small for 75 GPD...
  6. RayN

    Are Calcite Filters Beneficial in a RO System?

    I have a 4 stage RO system and its time to replace the filters, a friend of mine recommended to add Omnipure 2" x 10" Inline Calcite Filter (K2548) after the RO membrane (GRO-75EN) but before Omnipure K2540-KK. The friend swears that water will taste better and will be more healthy. My RO...
  7. RayN

    Anode Length - Old Vs New is Longer

    I bet it is true with full port valve. I end up connecting a washer hose to the end of garden house and back flushed from hose bib outside.
  8. RayN

    Anode Length - Old Vs New is Longer

    Thanks... It done now, it already has a brass valve, but not a full port. Due to clogging, it became a all day chore. I think I will order this and do another flush in the spring, or...
  9. RayN

    Anode Length - Old Vs New is Longer

    Ok, I decided to cut by 8", and put a date on the water heater, when the anode was replaced. I really need to change the drain to a full port ball valve drain, as it clogged on each drain and fill.
  10. RayN

    Anode Length - Old Vs New is Longer

    So, do you think it is desirable to cut to right length or it do not matter if the bottom of new anode touches the water heater bottom?
  11. RayN

    Anode Length - Old Vs New is Longer

    It looks like the bottom is 48" and the anode rod got eaten up the most in bottom 12 inches (its is bare rod in first 2") and top 12 inches. I will wait for experts to chime in. Looks like the anode is not supposed to make a contact with the tank, perhaps the top of the tank where is...
  12. RayN

    Anode Length - Old Vs New is Longer

    I am draining the water heater today. Its a Rheem 50 Gallon Gas Model 2250F1. It will be 5 years in March 2018 and I have never drained it. I finally got it to drain, but that is another story. I have a replacement flex anode rod...
  13. RayN

    Help me verify the master programming settings for Fleck 5810 SXT

    Is there a formula to calculate the capacity "C" based on salt dosage and brine fill ?
  14. RayN

    Help me verify the master programming settings for Fleck 5810 SXT

    But I have 2.0 Cu FT of Resin. Any changes based on this? Thanks
  15. RayN

    Help me verify the master programming settings for Fleck 5810 SXT

    Please help me verify the master programming settings for Fleck 5810 SXT with 2.0 Cu Ft of 10% C-L Resin. Thread on water data is located @ In summary: 6 People @ 65 gallons...
  16. RayN

    Brine Overflow Tubing

    Thanks.... This is a pic, I found on this forum earlier. I suppose, I can have them both dump into this type of PVC drain with 2" air gap.
  17. RayN

    Brine Overflow Tubing

    Another quick question: Can the brine overflow tubing go into the same drain as the softener pressure drain? It will not be connected physically to the softener drain and will be slope so it could gravity drain. Thanks...
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