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  1. Zpcaulca

    Another ejector / siphon problem

    NO. The ground level bathroom fixtures feed into the same sewer line, further "downstream" than where the ejector pumps into the line. I'll do a sketch. By way of update, I took the trap off and was going to install an AAV, thinking the problem is a vacuum on the bathroom sewer line. However...
  2. Zpcaulca

    Another ejector / siphon problem

    Can confirm there’s a 2” air vent and 2” outflow connected to the ejector basin. The problem appears to be when the sewage is flowing down the 3” pipe and running past the bathroom sewage outlet, it is creating suction and emptying the trap. Not sure why the air vent for that upstairs bathroom...
  3. Zpcaulca

    Another ejector / siphon problem

    Had a plumber replace my basement sewage ejector pump after failure, he “upsized” to a bigger pump. Ever since then, when the pump runs, it causes siphoning (gurgling sound) from a ground level bathroom sink and sucks the trap dry so sweage smells permeate the house. The sewage ejector pump...
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