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  1. Giles

    Chainsaw stalling

    I know this post is several days old, but you are probably running lean on the idle/low speed . You can try to get a little richer by turning the "L" screw out (counterclockwise) 1/4 turn at a time, and check with each adjustment. I would also adjust the "H" screw out the same way until it...
  2. Giles

    Price for Black Iron Pipe?

    All the black iron pipe is to be used for special applacation of parts made with a Lathe and a wire welder. Most small lengths will be used as spacers. I have since returned the 3/8 and I purchased solid steel which is close to the same OD but will have to be drilled. The 1/2" can be used by...
  3. Giles

    Price for Black Iron Pipe?

    I sent my wife to purchase one stick each of 1/2 and 3/8 Black Iron Pipe from a local retailer. These were 21 foot length of pipe. She was charged $27.77 for the 1/2" pipe and $121.13 for the 3/8" pipe.:( I called to see if a mistake was made and was told that the price for 3/8 pipe was...
  4. Giles

    Pipe dies

    I am in need of a used 3/8" Ridgid Pipe Die. I have some different size dies that are 12R. There are a few 00R listed on **** but they look a litthe different. Will the 00R work with my 12R handle?
  5. Giles

    Natural Gas Supply Line

    I plan to install gas logs in my fireplace. The fireplace has book shelves, with bottom cabinet, on either side and the cleanest installation would be to drill through the bottom cabinet shelf and exit in the corner of the face and harth brick. For a clean look, I would like for the gas...
  6. Giles

    Roof Vent Pipe

    Don't really know where to post this----I have a 20 year old home and discovered a small leak from one of my Vent Risers. I got on the roof and I have something I have never seen. The 3 inch PVC pipe that extends out roof, is inside an all metal roof flange. I understand the purpose but don't...
  7. Giles

    Blower Motor Control

    Can I use a variable speed switch with this type motor?
  8. Giles

    Ant hills in lawn

    I have had good results from saturating mounds with CLOROX straight from the bottle. This suggestion was given to me by a Chemist. Some grass kill can be expected but grass is usually dead under the mound already.
  9. Giles

    What is this?????----Septic Tank Riser

    THANKS --that makes me feel a lot better. I am a strong believer in prevenitave maintenance so I don't totally agree with "If it ant broke--don't fix it"!
  10. Giles

    What is this?????----Septic Tank Riser

    I was wondering why I had no response and then discovered I do not always receive an eMail notification. I have the option activated and I review and post in the proper spot. Thanks for the replies--I know it is hard to tell from the photos but my concern is the visible part of the cover. I am...
  11. Giles

    What is this?????----Septic Tank Riser

    My new home is about 20 years old and I have lived here about two years. The PO told me that this was a "septic tank cleanout cover". I am not having a problem with the system, but out of curiousity, I removed the cap and I have no idea what this set up is. It appears that this is a...
  12. Giles

    Water Saving Toilet.

    I have three nearly new toilets in a new to me home. They work perfect but, as you know, use a lot of water. I have been told that a special "flap valve" can be purchased to allow water saving or regular flush. Do these work as advertised?
  13. Giles

    Can you tolerate ONE More question about Sub-Panel?

    I just want to do it RIGHT. With four wires feeding the sub, it will give me the oppertunity to install Four Prong plug to the 220v when the need arrives.
  14. Giles

    Can you tolerate ONE More question about Sub-Panel?

    The subpanel will be fed off a 50A breaker from the main panel. The single conducter leads will be in plastic conduit. This sub will supply power to a small 220v welding machine and a 220v space heater. All 110v is already fed from main panel. This is an older welder and only has a three prong...
  15. Giles

    Can you tolerate ONE More question about Sub-Panel?

    I am in the process of installing a subpanel in a separate basement storage room. The proper size wire will run through a wall and about 30' from the main panel. This is the FIRST subpanel from the main box. I plan to run Three single conductor wires from the main Panel to the sub and connect...
  16. Giles

    A simple Question

    That"s what I am thinking--On this same subject, a few years ago, I purchased a "Westinghouse" swag light cord and ,of course, it was Made in Communist China. The hookup instructions stated it didn't matter how the wires were connected. I knew IT DID!! So I eMailed the company and voiced my...
  17. Giles

    A simple Question

    I always do the same--even when I turnoff breaker I always check.
  18. Giles

    A simple Question

    When working with simple 110v cords, such as lamp cord, where there is only two wires, I know that the small spade is the hot. Some of these cords have an identifying "rib" molded into the outer covering. I have always thought the "rib" was to identify the "hot", however I have recently found...
  19. Giles

    Could you helpful people stand one more simple question??

    hj--I still don't understand where the neutral wire would be connected. The green wire is only a jumper to cnnect the motor to the housing. I would really like to get this set up but I want to do it right.
  20. Giles

    Could you helpful people stand one more simple question??

    I have a HAVC inside blower motor and housing that I would like to install as a vent fan for my shop. The wireing diagram states that the motor is 208-240v . Black wire is High speed and the Red wire is Low speed. There is also a Yellow wire that is labeled Common. Am I correct in thinking...
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