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  1. Michael.B

    PRV replacement ... DIY friendly?

    For future reference for anyone searching, I just paid $1000 to have a slowly leaking boiler pressure release valve diagnosed. Measured residential pressure at the hot water tank was 100psi (that's as high as his gauge went). He ended up replacing the residential PRV. Seems expensive, but I...
  2. Michael.B

    Lift Station Keeps Clogging

    Quick update for those that might be following this thread.....I watched as the local septic contractor who installed it pulled the pump and cleared it. As it turns out, the original industrial Meyers WGL-20 2 hp grinder pump when the house was built in the mid 80s was replaced in 2014, but...
  3. Michael.B

    Lift Station Keeps Clogging

    Thanks for the replies! Yes, whatever is getting flushed is making it all the way to the pump (not clogging the lines) where the lift pump then gets seized-up. Sounds like the problem is not so much wipes, but urinary incontinence underwear or pads. Unfortunately, I'm dealing with my parents...
  4. Michael.B

    Lift Station Keeps Clogging

    Hello, I'm currently trying to take care of my elderly parents in South Carolina, and there lift station outside the house keeps getting clogged. There have issues with the chamber filling up over the years, and just recently we've had to have someone come out 4 times in the past month ($400 a...
  5. Michael.B

    Just purchased new home (Alaska)-should we get a new boiler?

    Hello, Hope all is well, and hope this isn't an annoying question.....We just purchased a 1200sqf, 1 bath two bed house in northern Alaska (+20 to -40F regular in winter). The house is ranch style, with radiant in floor heating, and we have an HRV system. Hot water usage is low, though my...
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