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  1. Olmedo

    Is this wet vent a UPC violation?

    I was actually talking about the vent for the water closet but very glad you told me about the lav traps as well. I actually don't know why I had them turned like that in the pic because the cross is already at 19" so no need for that. How about the WC?
  2. Olmedo

    Is this wet vent a UPC violation?

    Quick check here please?
  3. Olmedo

    Advice on drain design

    So it would look like this then? Seemed like it was a much cleaner run the other way. Also, the cleanout was hidden inside the lav cabinet and now it's visible between the toilet and lav.
  4. Olmedo

    Milwaukee expander tool

    I bought one online and haven't had an issue so far. I've never used grease though....
  5. Olmedo

    Advice on drain design

    I'm asking about the end of the drain line at the bottom center of the design. Am I able to use a 3" Sanitary Combo and then reduce the drain to 1 1/2" for the lav drain? That is the only fixture that will drain there. Or do I have to run the 3" line above the cleanout before reducing? Code...
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