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  1. BrianF

    Why do I have a vent pipe capped off in the basement?

    water in the pipe? Thanks. So you don't think that the water in the pipe will be an issue? I just drained it and noticed that there was about 4' of water built up inside. Is this OK? I could drain it once and a while I guess from the bottom cap. And if it did not leak during the summer my...
  2. BrianF

    Why do I have a vent pipe capped off in the basement?

    First I would like to say Thanks to Terry for putting this site and forum together. It has proved helpful to me more than once. I'm just a woodby homeowner trying to keep water going in the right direction. :) After lots of confusion over what the occasional leak near the end of a...
  3. BrianF

    Tankless water heaters?

    Any suggestions on tankless water heaters? are they more efficient? do they last? of course all of the information on the net says so so it must be true :D Seriously, anyone have any experience with these? I'm looking at the Aquastar 125HX for use with LP gas to replace a 40 gallon hot...
  4. BrianF

    Air in water lines?

    This topic has come up several times but my scenario seems different. When turning on the water I notice air (or something) chuckling out of the lines. The kitchen sink sounds the worst and I think even vibrates the faucet a little when it does this. Does anyone know what this is or how to...
  5. BrianF

    Brown water - Hot Water Heater?

    Just bought a house in a newer development (7 years). It has a community well and a propane hw heater. I noticed that when the hot water is on, it was an off color (brownish). I then questioned if it was iron or other minerals in the main water line. Cold water looks OK and coming from a...
  6. BrianF

    Stinky Dishwasher

    Here is a guess I would definitely check out the dead animal thing. It could be a mouse or other creature that expired near or inside of an enclosed area and the smell shifting. Sewer gas is nasty. Probably what it is. Is the house properly vented overall? I have seen some houses that have...
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