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  1. tlarson

    Soldering lead free brass video

    Great video. Thank you, hj
  2. tlarson

    Should I use aftermarket hoses on my washing machine?

    LG, like any manufacturer, is trying to sell spare parts. That's why they say "recommend" I just installed a pair of these: They claim that they've never had a failure, and from the look of them I can see why. Very durable, and the fittings are thick cast brass...
  3. tlarson

    Question: Usage of Sani instead of Wye on old-build main stack

    Just to be clear: The sani tee on it's back is only legal here for a vent on a trap arm. It is never legal here for a drain line. Combo or wye/45 must be used for vertical to horizontal drains.
  4. tlarson

    Question: Usage of Sani instead of Wye on old-build main stack

    Yes, that sani tee looks to be illegal. FYI: Bert Polk's guide shows sani tees on their backs on pages 5, 9, 10 (two places), and 14, all as vent connections. Perfectly legal here in Oregon, at least in the Portland area.
  5. tlarson

    Restaurant plumbing corrections

    OP: No regular on this site will be surprised that someone who is so willing and eager to break the law with impunity would respond as you have. Hopefully you will go away and never come back.
  6. tlarson

    Recirc check valve

    Good catch, Smooky. I won't use the Milwaukee due to the temp rating. I also found a Nibco that will work. Thanks to all for the advice and assistance.
  7. tlarson

    Recirc check valve

    Thanks, Jim and Terry. The system was designed with a pump from the start. There is a hot water return from the second story of this house to the water heater in the basement. The existing pump runs 24/7 and my replacement pump will also. Every drawing and piping layout I've seen for these...
  8. tlarson

    Recirc check valve

    I'm replacing a 15 year old pump in a hot water recirculation system. The current system does not have a check valve between the pump and water heater (The pump discharges into a tee at the water heater drain connection). I'm looking for 1/2" brass, preferably sweat. Can someone recommend a...
  9. tlarson

    Santee vs. Combo

    Quote: The sanitary tee can ONLY be installed in a horizontal line IF the inspector allows it, and none of them in this area do. And even if an individual inspector allowed it, I would NOT want to gamble on whether I got that one or one who would make me change it. WE KNOW the difference in...
  10. tlarson

    Santee vs. Combo

    quote: But they CANNOT be installed in horizontal lines, regardless of their orientation, or purpose. San tees are installed here regularly in Oregon horizontally for venting trap arms, and approved by most jurisdictions.
  11. tlarson

    Hot water doesn't drain.

    I have exactly the same problem iin a kitchen sink n a 3 year old house that I built on the Washington coast. I did all the plumbing and have measured the hot and cold flow separately and they are exactly the same. The drain rate difference is not too great so we just live with it. I posted...
  12. tlarson

    I found this Visual Guide to Plumbing very helpful

    Note san tee on it's back on page 5 used for toilet vent. They are legal in Oregon, but not too many other places...... Wonderful reference. Very clear.
  13. tlarson

    San tee's

    They are allowed here in Oregon laying on their back with the side connection pointing up for vents. In Washington the inspectors I've dealt with require a combo or wye/45.
  14. tlarson

    Flow restrictor

    Yes, there is one pump and the line has a tee that feeds his place. Thanks,
  15. tlarson

    Flow restrictor

    We share our well with a neighbor at our mountain cabin. He lives there year around, while our place is used only on occasional weekends. The line to his house has broken several times (underground) and when it does it causes the well to run continuously, sometimes for days, as he travels...
  16. tlarson

    Pump house insulation

    I have a 12' X 12' pump house with an roof that has a 10/12 pitch. The roof starts at 8' high so there is a lot of head room. When it's been insulated in the past with fiberglass insulation the mice nest in the insulation and make a terrible mess. Any suggestions on what insulation that I...
  17. tlarson

    getting a plumbing license

    Wow, I've read his post several times, and am still trying to find where he wants to "shortcut his way to becoming certified ....". All he did was ask the "quickest" way. If that's an apprenticeship, school, on-line, whatever, it sounds like he'll do it. Quickest doesn't mean short cut. Or...
  18. tlarson

    getting a plumbing license

    Dunbar Plumbing and nhmaster: Chill out. All he did was ask a question about backflow testing. And it's clear from some of the responses that this license can be obtained separately from a regular plumbing license in some jurisdictions. He didn't say that plumbers shouldn't be "reliable...
  19. tlarson

    Ball valve

    1/2 the pressure does not equal 1/2 of the flow. The valve will be close (but not exactly) to a sharp edge orifice, so the flow will be related to the pressure in a square root relationship. Probably not worth trying to figure out for a ball valve. Ball valves are not very good metering...
  20. tlarson

    Shower drain size

    There isn't any confusion. You can't reduce the size of any fixture drain, and you can't buy a shower with a 1-1/2 drain. So, showers must have a 2" drain. Will a 1-1/2" trap on a 2" fixture drain work? Sure, but it won't meet any code that I know of.
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