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  1. Vero38

    2nd pump, Switch question

    Thanks for the help. I wired in a float switch, the pump will come on only during high demand when the water level in the tanks drops 8 inches. It shuts off the same time as the manual float shut off.
  2. Vero38

    2nd pump, Switch question

    Hello, I have a flow well that feeds an open air areator tank. That is followed by the pump, pressure tank, softeners, then house. When using the hose for awhile, the flow well can't keep up and the areator tank empties. I want to add a pump prior to the areator tank to prevent this. Will the...
  3. Vero38

    Aerator tank issuse

    Hello. we have a 2-1/2" flow well that feeds into an aeration tank. Then it goes to the pump, pressure tank, water softener, then house. My problem is while using the hose, the aeration tank gets drained down to the point where the pump sucks air. My question is, should I add a pump prior to...
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