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  1. jay surfs

    Thermostat T5 display off and furnace blower runs randomly.

    Thanks. first thing I did was install a new thermostat and of course that didnt fix it. I tested it and Im not getting 24v. I also checked inside the furnace and not 24 there either. I am getting 120v coming into the unit (checked just to be sure). I replaced the transformer and that didnt...
  2. jay surfs

    Thermostat T5 display off and furnace blower runs randomly.

    Honeywell Lyric T5 thermostat display went dark and turned off, disconnected from the app. I turned the furnace power on/off a few times and the thermostat display turned on for a min, then off. I have a Goodman furnace GMES960805CU, 96%. The green LED light is steady on. The blower will...
  3. jay surfs

    Combine different brands cast iron to ABS shower drain with a square grille.

    Remodeling my bath. I've got all new abs waste lines in the second floor bathroom. We are going to hotmop for tile. My neighbor contractor suggested I use a Frank Pattern 20SD 2", as its cast iron with a rubber gasket connection to abs. But it's a round drain. Wife wants a square drain...
  4. jay surfs

    Schluter-Kerdi-Line waste line connection

  5. jay surfs

    PEX Manabloc 30 ft from water heater

    Ceiling of the WH closet? Not enough room in there.
  6. jay surfs

    PEX Manabloc 30 ft from water heater

    Renovating 50 yo house. Second floor is gutted, most pipes are now accessible in the floor. My water heater closet is about 2ft square. Clearly too small for a pex manabloc. So can I mount a pex manabloc in the garage 30ft away from the water heater while useing a recirculating pump to prevent...
  7. jay surfs

    Wavy subfloor and expansive soil

    Not a pro. Renovating my second home. So I just bought a new two story house also, on expansive soil in CA. Half the house floors are wavy and or sagging a little bit. I am currently demoing the upstairs, including the sub-floor 1x6's and all the wall board. I will be replacing the subfloor...
  8. jay surfs

    Moving a toilet

    Hello dudes. I live in Los Angeles County. I demoed my entire 2nd floor. The upstairs bathroom is directly above the first floor bath that is on a cement slab. I have been reading code and trying to come up with a workable new bath layout. My understanding is the toilet drain needs to be 3”...
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