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  1. rusak

    Bath + Laundry Layout Feedback

    I'm under UPC. 906.1 Each vent pipe or stack shall extend through its flashing and shall terminate vertically not less than six (6) inches (152 mm) above the roof nor less than one (1) foot (305 mm) from any vertical surface.
  2. rusak

    Bath + Laundry Layout Feedback

    Vents has to terminate through the roof, No exceptions
  3. rusak

    Santee vs. Combo

    I don't get that part either. Copied from IAPMO UPC code
  4. rusak

    Plumbing issue in newly remodeled bathroom

    Like hj said sounds that it has to do with improper venting, and AAV.
  5. rusak

    Santee vs. Combo

    706.3 Horizontal drainage lines connecting with other horizontal drainage lines shall enter through 45 degree (0.79 rad) wye branches, combination wye and one-eighth (1/8) bend branches, or other approved fittings of equivalent sweep. 706.4 Vertical drainage lines connecting with...
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