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  1. bingow

    Shutting off water to prevent frozen pipes: what do I do with my tankless (Navien NPE-240a2)

    "New" = on warranty? Best follow the manual, which is standard procedure anyway for water-using appliances subject to freezing.
  2. bingow

    Main floor bathroom layout ideas

    DIYer here. Plan for future access to shower/tub valves.
  3. bingow

    Softener setup help for extremely hard water

    I did the two regens (4 total) you suggested, but first I rechecked well water hardness, which had been a high of 100 gpg a month earlier (previous to that, the hardness had increased from low 60's in 2021, to 80's in late 2022). This time it was 115, checked twice. For the next 15 days, checked...
  4. bingow

    Are you able to receive forum emails?

    G'morning Taylor, just got an email notification of a thread response! Thanks for the fix.
  5. bingow

    New Shouse under slab rough-in

    Even better, especially the text.
  6. bingow

    New Shouse under slab rough-in

    Deleted: see post #3.
  7. bingow

    Shower handle puller

    DIYer here. Is there a hex screw at the bottom of the handle? If so and you haven't loosened it, make sure the hex wrench is an exact fit; you don't want to round it.
  8. bingow

    Are you able to receive forum emails?

    Do you send members an email notification when there is a reply to (1) a thread the member started, or (2) another member's follow-on reply to a thread the member replied to (some forums do that) ? I do not recall receiving any emails recently. All my settings allow.
  9. bingow

    Water Softener Recommendation

    @Nick360 and @Texas Water Boy. If you are interested in Clack, check their website In their top menu, "water treatment", select "for the homeowner" where you can contact them and they will send you info on nearest dealers. Not likely a chance for DIY, but worth a try.
  10. bingow

    Could this be a leak? Help on what to do!

    Gotta ask you again, do you have a reverse osmosis system?
  11. bingow


    On a different but similar rounded nut problem, I placed a layer of brass shim stock over the nut so that the socket had to be hammered on, then used a 3' cheater pipe. But it sounds like this one is too far gone.
  12. bingow

    Softener setup help for extremely hard water

    Thank you Bannerman; I'll give it a try, maybe Thursday next week when wife will be gone most of the day. My idea of a "spike" is when, say, at 30 gallons (softened) remaining and just beginning to show increased hardness, by the time it starts the next regen, it will test close to full...
  13. bingow

    Softener setup help for extremely hard water

    Raw well water hardness, checked one month ago, was 100gpg. Our current system, with salt dosage of 16#, tames that down to 1-5gpg until the last few gallons nearing regen, then it will spike. Sometimes we hurry the next regen to avoid a hard water shower; it depends. With the twin system, the...
  14. bingow

    Softener setup help for extremely hard water

    @Benjdow, DIYer here with similar situation. Following advice from this forum, we changed from an undersized cabinet style softener to a twin (two 2-CuFt tanks) system for well water hardness that is currently at 100 gpg. No longer needing the reserve, the softened water is much more consistent...
  15. bingow

    How to remove stuck plastic cap over anode rod GE water heater

    Our previous WH was gas (State, direct vent). When I changed the anode at about the 6 year point, I left the plastic cap off, and found the pilot light would not stay lit when winds picked up. Cap back on, problem went away.
  16. bingow

    Waterproof layer between mortar and subfloor for shower pan?

    Correction to my earlier post. I still have the original installation guides for both shower and tub. The Sterling shower base installation mentions a mortar bed as an option, but does not call for a decoupler. However, the Kohler acrylic tub does. It calls for mortar ~2" thick, followed by a...
  17. bingow

    Waterproof layer between mortar and subfloor for shower pan?

    DIYer here. Installed a Sterling (Lowe's) shower pan on second floor bath 19 yrs ago, no decoupling used for mortar bed, and no problems. Same for first floor bath acrylic tub. Don't recall anything else being recommended.
  18. bingow

    Zip Tie Floor Drain

    Buy a new strainer. Zip it, then install.
  19. bingow

    A Day in the Life

    Well it's all educational for us DIY'ers, thank you. I haven't figured out a reason for that upper vent's path, above and left of the stack.
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