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  1. MIDan

    Hydronic driveway circulator pump advice

    Hello I have read through a few of the posts on hydronic systems and done my own but am still a little lost and looking for advice. The first owner of my house put in the start of a hydronic heated driveway system. The garage has a manifold with 4 loops for a driveway that is about 240 sq feet...
  2. MIDan

    Power vent Hot water Heater clicking noises

    I'm curious if the exhaust is too small it is reduced to about a 2in pipe before it goes through the wall but I swear I saw somewhere it needed to be at least 3 inches. Anyway the exhaust pipe is clear. I was completely wrong about my idea of what was going on though. The part connected to the...
  3. MIDan

    Power vent Hot water Heater clicking noises

    Hello, Here is my situation my water heater is an American Water Heater Company, the energy guide label says it is model PVG[1,6,9,12]250T60N(IMG 1,2). So I searched their site and can't find that model. I was guessing the numbers in the brackets were a "could be this or this" situation, so I...
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