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  1. Phog

    Replaced damaged water heater elements

    Did you let the tank fill 100% with water, with absolutely no air remaining at the top, before turning the breaker back on? It's easy to burn out an element, it only takes a few seconds when not submerged. Even opening the inlet valve to the water heater and waiting until the water inrush...
  2. Phog

    75g Water heater not venting properly

    First, absolutely upgrade to 4". That's definitely a big problem, flue undersizing will cause flue spillage, which is exactly what you're seeing. And 4" is definitely minimum required for your appliance. Second, regarding the make-up air duct + fan. It sounds like you're describing something...
  3. Phog

    Bradford White Anode Inspection

    Ĝan Ŭesli Starling -- I feel your pain.. but I'd conjecture that if you ask 100 plumbers nationwide how they do that install, 99 of them wouldn't use a union. Correct or not, it's just the way things are done, and 99.9% of customers never notice the difference.
  4. Phog

    Gas WH in garage closet

    Even post-FVIR, some people still like to elevate the units off the floor a little to reduce conduction of heat into the slab floor underneath. I doubt this makes much difference personally, but hey who knows. More important than a platform is putting a drip pan underneath. Weather stripping...
  5. Phog

    ONLY got 44 years out of my WH. Now what - Rheem or Bradford White?

    Extra anode will definitely help extend the lifetime of the unit. The larger dimensions are also part of the 2015 efficiency law changes -- water heaters need to have a lot thicker insulation now than they used to.
  6. Phog

    ONLY got 44 years out of my WH. Now what - Rheem or Bradford White?

    Those are really big water heaters in both water capacity and btu's. Easily enough for a big family of teenagers. Your options are more limited now than 1977. There was a change in the laws about water heater efficiency in 2015. Since that time your options for atmospheric vent gas water...
  7. Phog

    Do I misunderstand dielectric breaks Ohmic values?

    The dielectric coupling is only intended to make a protective sleeved section in the interior (wetted) surfaces. It is not intended to completely break electrical continuity between pipe sections. I think that the plastic sleeve basically just adds extra physical distance that ions must travel...
  8. Phog

    Delta 600 shower valve replacement

    Unfortunately I don't have access to measure anymore. Apologies. (But 2" seems roughly accurate going by memory). You have the one with the triangle plastic cam, whereas I had the one with the slot, but I am pretty sure the bonnet nut is common to both. You can find parts diagrams of it by...
  9. Phog

    Delta 600 shower valve replacement

    I used the Bonnet nut P/N Delta RP50. I also bought a new knob - Delta RP2389 and Ball & Seals Kit - Danco 86971 and performed the complete rebuild while it was apart. Those parts plus a dab of silicone grease was all it took. All were purchased off the shelf at my local Home Depot. I...
  10. Phog

    A.O vs Bradford White

    I know this is off topic, but i find this stuff so interesting. Just to put things in perspective: 1989 San Francisco Bay Area Earthquake - Magnitude 6.9 1811-1812 New Madrid Missouri Earthquakes - Magnitude 8.6 2011 Japan Earthquake (Fukushima etc) - 9.1 Magnitude 2004 Indian Ocean...
  11. Phog

    A.O vs Bradford White

    200yrs from now. Not 200yrs from the year 1700 ;-)
  12. Phog

    A.O vs Bradford White

    You guys will eventually get an earthquake in Seattle as big as the 1964 Alaska Quake. Probably not for another 200yrs though.
  13. Phog

    A.O vs Bradford White

    I vote to go with whatever your plumber likes. To pick the best brand of water heater is a lot like picking the best brand of car. Highly subjective and if you ask 3 different people you'll get 3 different answers. If you're hands-on enough to care about what brand of water heater you have...
  14. Phog

    Gas leak question

    Combustible gas detectors can sometimes be cross-reactive to other things in addition to natural gas. For example carbon monoxide. Maybe yours is detecting something of that coming from the pilot flame.
  15. Phog

    New Hot Water Heater, Little Hot Water Still

    A change in city water pressure would not explain running out of hot water faster. Unless you are turning the shower handle to its highest flow setting (all the way on). Now that the pressure is increased, "all the way on" gives a higher flow than it used to. You can easily solve this by...
  16. Phog

    New Hot Water Heater, Little Hot Water Still

    Do you have any tempering or thermostatic mixing valves in your plumbing?
  17. Phog

    Condensing water heater - Considering an HTP Phoenix

    The amount of condensate is proportional to the amount of water heating output -- so it will be different for different houses, different incoming water temperatures etc. (The same as how your AC condensate will depend on the humidity outside, how much your windows leak, the air volume of your...
  18. Phog

    TX Hot water in tank, cold water in taps

    Crossover can lead to all kinds of funny things. Like toilets filling up with hot water from the crossover :D
  19. Phog

    TX Hot water in tank, cold water in taps

    Glad you got it fixed, isn't it amazing how much of an inconvenience not having hot water is? You don't realize how important until you don't have it. The most common source of crossover is usually the pressure-balancing single handle shower valves. There is a cartridge inside with a rubber...
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