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  1. NWCherokee

    Tub to shower conversion drain issue

    I am replacing a second floor existing tub/shower and was going top put in a new tub but wanted to look into what it would take to convert to a stand alone shower and after removing the tub surround I realized that I have just a 1 1/2" drain line to work with. It continues as a 1 1/2" line...
  2. NWCherokee

    Moen shower valve with attached copper tub line

    Looking at this valve for remodel: It is a Moen shower/tub valve with expansion pex fittings for inlets and shower head and appears to come with the...
  3. NWCherokee

    Garbage Disposal and sink Recommendations?

    Drain is 16" a.f.f. so good to go with my 10" undermounted sink. Will look into the LT880. Thanks!
  4. NWCherokee

    Garbage Disposal and sink Recommendations?

    Remodeling kitchen and plan to replace existing sink and garbage disposal with new quartz countertop installation. Found a nice Kraus 32" stainless steel sink with offset drain that seems to meet my needs so thought I would see if anyone has any thoughts on that brand or another brand I should...
  5. NWCherokee

    Sink shut off valve advice and bonus PEX question

    I am pretty sure that when my house was built in 1998, they found the cheapest shut-off valves made with the most plastic they could find. Looking to replace a few as one of them no longer works. What would be the top of the line valves that I should look for? Will be a straight PEX to 3/8...
  6. NWCherokee

    Powered Damper Bradford White water heater

    Terry, So I guess my question would be what is your opinion on going with the power damper version vs the atmospheric model (beyond the, what is it, 5% energy savings?) I have no desire to go tankless or hybrid for various reasons so I am not trying to pursue the lowest energy consumption at...
  7. NWCherokee

    Powered Damper Bradford White water heater

    I am in the process of replacing 23 yr old gas furnace and AC and was thinking about just replacing 23 yr old gas water heater tank around the same time (both in garage.) The existing is a typical 50 gallon / 40k btu tank and I can say that we always have the hot water we need when we need it...
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