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    replacing wall tile around bathtub - any suggestions welcomed

    This is getting a little frustrating, I'm talking about apples and you are talking about oranges, while at the same time telling me my apples are no good. You mention there are pears, but you don't give me any specifics. I have been googling for several days and all I can find is apples and...
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    replacing wall tile around bathtub - any suggestions welcomed

    Well, the story I get from my local code compliance is that I can put anything up around my tub as long as I do not create a moisture lock. They are happy if I follow the manufacturer's directions for the product I will install. And the manufacturer recommends plain drywall. So be it.
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    attic tank to increase pressure/flow

    Assuming it was working fine before the new line install from the street, were the street and main shut-offs re-opened all of the way after the install?
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    Run your car on Water!!!

    Personally, I prefer air.
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    I can help people with Cable TV questions/problems

    Hi Chris, I like to stick to under 200 feet (in fact a normal AO will rarely be over 75 unless the house is wrapped), but it's more determinate on other factors. What is the signal strength at the demark, at the tap? Are you running the lines with electrical power lines? What kind of fittings...
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    I can help people with Cable TV questions/problems

    I like this site, there seem to be a lot nice helpful people here. I will be in and out of here often, trying to learn and maybe help where I can. I have three years of commercial and residential Cable TV installation experience in case anyone has problems or questions they would like to address.
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    Orange bacteria

    We have the same problem in our area. Most people I know don't worry about it. I remember consulting my local health department some years ago and they said standard treatment was to 'shock' the well. But I guess the stuff comes back after awhile. You might get a good deal of info from your...
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    replacing wall tile around bathtub - any suggestions welcomed

    Thanks very much for your response! Yeah, I hate that. Sometimes, I remember and use notepad or kate, but the norm is for me to lose it... I'll find out tomorrow. This is a temp remodel. If I ever live here, I'm gonna toss the tub and push the wall out a couple of feet. Lots of black...
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    replacing wall tile around bathtub - any suggestions welcomed

    Does the following look like like I have my bases covered? Should I paint the wallboard behind the shower enclosure? Should I put some other sort of membrane between the wallboard and shower enclosure? House is 60yo and it looks like original wall was a cement covered by tile (ugly pink -...
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    weather smart irrigation

    There is no way I could trust this kind of technology where I live. Half of the time the weather service says it's raining, but when I look outside I only see clouds. Why don't you sell something that checks the actual moisture content of the soil in several spots on the lawn, and water...
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    Carrying Water Away from Foundation

    Hi, I used the cheaper black corrugated non-perforated (HDPE) pipe to run my drains. It works fine and is somewhat flexible; going around deck footers, etc. You can get it in 100' rolls, roll it out straight and let it sit in the sun awhile to make it easier to work with. I taped some tyvek...
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    Blood Pressure Question

    I am sorry for your loss, but I am totally against you forcing another law down our throats because you suffered from an isolated incident. You don't mention what kind of doctor your husband saw. I am 48 and I don't ever recall seeing a doctor, dentists and optometrists excluded, without...
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    How to store a used pump?

    LOL, I guess their airplanes weren't too hot either. From what I can tell around the web, this pump is used in some high end homes. Thank you, that sounds like a plan. I actually have some around that I use to cure wood with.
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    Walk out basement drain

    I'm no expert, but I have a basement entrance, and I am sure I have many of the same issues others have with theirs. My drain goes to a dry well, and evidently, when that fills up, it comes back to the basement and out through the basement drainage (pre-sump era house). So I don't know how...
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    Can broken water lines lead to a busted/burnt up pump???!!!

    I don't believe the age of the pump matters (legally); the pump died when the lines were broken, the lines were broken by the workers. If the workers crossed your land without your permission, they are 100% liable. Consult an attorney, small claims court is only $40 away :) Have the company...
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    Pump cycling no pressure tank

    So... You are the site troll?
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    How to store a used pump?

    Hi, just recovered a 1998 jaccuzi deep well jet pump 5RP2 (separate pump/motor) and wish to store this for future use. Should I do anything special? This could be in storage for any number of years... Not sure if I should just drop it in a bucket of oil, or should I take the pump apart and...
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    Pump cycling no pressure tank

    LOL The ends of the drippers and sprayers blast off and then I have to search the greenhouse for them.
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    Pump cycling no pressure tank

    Hi, couldn't get registered in time, I see you have fixed the issue.:D I have a similar setup for my green house, but I use drippers and sprayers off of a sump pump. The pump was a hand-me-down that was way too powerful for the drippers, so what I did was put a 'Y' in the output with one...
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