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  1. Akpsdvan

    Culligan High Efficiency Twin running out of capacity

    And yet at the end of page 10 and start of page 11 of the Fleck/Pantair Manual for the 9000-9100 and 9500 it talks about how to set the meter taking into account the gallons used. For 30 years I have done this and NEVER had challenge with a twin, only challenge I have is when I find that twin...
  2. Akpsdvan

    Culligan High Efficiency Twin running out of capacity

    The one thing that most if not all over look when it comes to Twin Softeners.......... the Gallons Used for Cleaning....... it is NOT counted by the controls of any system but needs to be removed from the total gallons per tank. IE......... Cap/Comp hardness = Gallons.... now if the gallons is...
  3. Akpsdvan

    Culligan "HE" service manual?

    Found the 8mb file, drop me a pm and I can email it to you.
  4. Akpsdvan

    Softener Settings

    Why the need to change the settings? Is the water changing before the system cleans? If the system has a meter then the meter tells when to clean, use 1000 gallons and then the next cleaning time it will clean. To often I have had to go and put back the settings because the new owner JUST Had...
  5. Akpsdvan

    What is the best order ? Softener ,iron filter and chlorine injection

    Why is the chlorine needed? is it that the company loves to move them and make money off them? A good iron filter then softener should do the job.
  6. Akpsdvan

    Bypass valve

    Sounds more like you need to run the well at full for about 3 days straight, no off time.... flush the well.
  7. Akpsdvan

    Need some assistance with a Chem Free Iron Buster

    Iron Buster is like a softener, rather than brine it draws air, but if there is enough iron in the water it will load and plug the injector and screen so that would be the first place that I would look to clean. Once it is drawing air again one should see little air bubbles in the water like it...
  8. Akpsdvan

    Problem with Softener and water throughout house.

    Water test of untreated water for starts, we need to know what we are working with. The 5600 meter like what you have is a good valve, but with limits and if the system is not set right then one thing that will happen is a loading of the media bed that the standard factory cleaning cycle will...
  9. Akpsdvan

    Rainsoft Q2 not drawing brine during cycle -- any suggestions?

    It might be time to look into replacing the system. I know of no parts for the system on the market and most likely even RainSoft does not have replacement parts.
  10. Akpsdvan

    Down flow vs up flow for calcite

    Is there any amount of iron in the water?
  11. Akpsdvan

    Estate 2 float level

    Culligan likes to put the rapid rinse and the brine refill into the same step of the cycle.. the float setting is more important because it is going to act as the stop for filling the salt tank. I have found one the culligan manuals that I have that has the chart for setting the float assembly...
  12. Akpsdvan

    Resin spilling out at backwash cycle in Culligan WS

    With the standard distributor from Culligan the resin is going to stay where it at with in the tank in the way of layers. If there was a tubulator then the resin would be changing places, or playing musical chairs. If your running chlorine in the water first with out removing it before the...
  13. Akpsdvan

    Resin spilling out at backwash cycle in Culligan WS

    Culligan tank, 9x48 and 1 cubic foot of resin. About 14lbs of gravel... 1/4x1/8 . The upper basket is because their service techs could not get the distributor into the valve so the basket if it is called that is screwed into the tank so that the valve can then find the dist tube. There should...
  14. Akpsdvan

    Fleck 9000, Crack on the shaft of the Middle Gear.

    That my boy is the Big Boy 9500... the upper and lower pistons should be replaced at the same time along with the replacing of the seal pack for both the top and bottom. Doing the 9500 can be done, stuffing tool would be a good idea. It is possible that the middle shaft has done damage to the...
  15. Akpsdvan

    Fleck 9000, Crack on the shaft of the Middle Gear.

    From the photo I would question , 9000 or 9500 as the controler looks to be the digital , older maybe but more of a commercial control. The 9000 is not that hard to rebuild and if you have taken out a shaft and gear then it is a Really good idea to replace the pistons top and bottom and the seal...
  16. Akpsdvan

    Leak on new gxsh40v GE softener

    Every one that I have worked on, seen , that hole has been dry.. take the senor out and no leak. Now just in my simple view, leak out the sensor hole means bad valve bass..... and I would not be paying even their cheap price.
  17. Akpsdvan

    Do have to have the special tools for 2510 rebuild?

    I learned how to rebuild the 1500, 2500 and the 2750 with out the puller or stuffer ! now granted it was with or with out the valve still on the tank. It is easier with the 2500, 2510, or 2750 off the tank adapter but it can be done, it really depends on the skill level of the person doing the...
  18. Akpsdvan

    Leak on new gxsh40v GE softener

    The leak is where the sensor is going in. The hole that it goes into is closed and dry or the sensor does not come in contact with the water. If there is water coming out of that hole then the main base of the system is bad and needs to be replaced, not a thing to do but replace the lower part...
  19. Akpsdvan

    Why do I have 3 tanks

    1.5 bags. and about 15lbs of gravel There is not one thing that does not get some kind of maintenance.
  20. Akpsdvan

    Is it bad to have a bypass on your pipes and on your softener?

    The second bypass is good to have if the softener bypass needs to be repaired. The only real challenge that I have seen is the bypass in the pipe having the cross over one turned so that water passes the whole system.
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