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  1. Sylvan

    Adding an additional washer drain and ejector pump to main sewer header.

    "FYI... the cast iron trap is no longer required but it works so leave it" NYC as well as other locations DO require a trap
  2. Sylvan

    roofing contractor advice

    I am the 3rd generation roofer prior to being a plumber. What type of roof was installed? Did you ask for any certifications such as manufacturers guarantee? Many companies at least a 15 year warrentee Was the roofer licensed and insured?
  3. Sylvan

    As plumbers, should we just walk away…?

    "In these situations I sometimes go ahead and write up a long "hold harmless" disclosure and list every thing that is wrong with the improper, not-to-code installation and even the implications for the homeowner requirement to disclose upon sale of the dwelling. Get them to have the document...
  4. Sylvan

    Help selecting a tempering valve

    I only use Holby tempering valves, but they are not considered anti scald devices.
  5. Sylvan

    Toilet gasket

    Fluidmaster 7530 Universal Better Than Wax Toilet Sea
  6. Sylvan

    Help me identify shower cartridge (old)

    LAS replacement parts or NYC replacement parts also carry all types of faucet repair parts
  7. Sylvan

    Cost of Lead-Free Solder

    The wrong guy is in the oval office.
  8. Sylvan

    Pricing Guide

    It depends on the application. As an "expert witness" I charge $500 per hr with a minimum of 7 hours and this covers going to the accident scene and writing up an affidavit of what I found. Going to a deposition or going to court is based on a 7 hr charge. Sewer and drain clearing are a...
  9. Sylvan

    Confused about the 10 foot head DWV test

    What the inspector is looking for integrity at a 5 PSI test. Actual hydrostatic pressure is .433
  10. Sylvan

    Toilet flange too high?

    If I was called to lower the floor flange, I would use my 4" inside CI Cutter after removing the flange and buy a new cast iron caulked flange and use Okum and pour 1" of lead. Or you can use a small grinder inside the CI after the flange is removed and then install the new flange at the...
  11. Sylvan

    Toilet flange too high?

    That "Decrepit old lead bend" is actually cast Iron and like lead it can last over 100 years as I do not know of any poured joint with a lead pipe. A "lead" Bend would have a soldered brass flange not a cast iron caulked joint flange.
  12. Sylvan

    replacing a section of cast iron main sewer line with?

    No hub Cast iron is quiet and Mission couplings are available from NH to XHCI . We use them constantly. Just make sure you use Clevis hangers Galvanized coated and threaded rod NOT band iron and consider installing a cleanout Tee...
  13. Sylvan

    Are my downspout outlets plumbed correctly ?

    Perfect example of what would be on an error sheet on "how not to install a leader line."
  14. Sylvan

    Apartment steam riser, PestBlock foam, and fire

    There is something called "pressure temperature relationship." Steam at 0 PSI = 212 deg F 2 PSI = 218 .5 deg F 6 PSI = 229.8 ETC Ask the building supt what pressure they use. NORMALLY less then 3 PSI You should be in good shape
  15. Sylvan

    What do you call this fitting?

    send a picture
  16. Sylvan

    What do you call this fitting?

    1/8 bend = 45
  17. Sylvan

    Tapping machine

    I paid over $18,000 for a Jetter and normally a decent snake cost over $2,500. In life you normally get what you pay for My brand-new Mega press paid for itself the first day I used it.
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