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  1. Tgmorris99

    Kinetico 60 Regen Drive Pawl Skipping - Sticks in Regen Cycle

    If the regen pawl is skipping over the tooth as shown in the video then the pawl may be rounded over (doesn't look like it) or the spring is too weak to hold it down. The other option might be that there's too much residue under the bottom disc resulting in too much resistance. Unlikely since...
  2. Tgmorris99

    Kinetico 60 Regen Drive Pawl Skipping - Sticks in Regen Cycle

    If you mark the top if the shaft that the pawl is connected to then you can verify if that is turning or gets stuck. If it stops turning then one of the internal regeneration drive gears has most likely has a broken tooth. If it turns much slower then normal it can be either water pressure or...
  3. Tgmorris99

    Chlorine injection works until I turn the water on.

    Make sure the duckbill isn't clogged up. I had that happen to me and the symptom was everything looked correct but the chlorinated water level wasn't dropping. I fixed it short term by clearing the the clog but finally had to replace the duckbill as it was actually broken internally.
  4. Tgmorris99

    Kinetico - who REALLY knows these systems?

    I more or less like my Kinetico but my local dealer won't sell parts so a $1 part cost the price of a truck roll ($150+) plus parts so that's a downer. I currently have a leaky bypass valve and they only sell the entire valve as a replacement instead of just the internal seals. Take a look here...
  5. Tgmorris99

    Kinetico Mach Bypass valve seals

    I have a 4060S OD system that has been rebedded, new seals, etc. but still was passing water that is too hard. I followed the troubleshooting guide and have determined that the bypass valve has a bad/torn seal and is allowing raw water (which is very, very hard well water) to mix with the...
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