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  1. ilya

    About to do a repipe - best method for fittings?

    I have replumbed several houses that have had the copper stolen. I NEVER recommend putting copper back in. Why help the crackheads twice? I use Viega Pureflow fittings with their built in crimp rings-no separate ring to hold in place, or have slip into the basement. And PEX has been around in...
  2. ilya

    Moving a Toilet 3 inches sideways.

    Once in a while, you remodel the joists while you're at it. If you must, cut a piece out, and "head it off". Which means use the same dimension lumber to connect the cut ends of the joist to it's neighbors. Use approved joist hangers and nails. Not screws! Screws are brittle, and break easier...
  3. ilya

    Strange oversized kitchen sink drain basket

    Can you get us a well illuminated shot of the underside?
  4. ilya

    1954 Rehab [tile redi] full bath relo - Need feedback to get off the ground, please..

    Excellent drawing! Moving that toilet is an issue-what Code is Florida under? That will determine the maximum distance from the toilet to the "Main stack", which you are calling "waste into septic tank". Your new toilet may have to be just across the wall from the old sink. Or you will be...
  5. ilya

    Pilot goes out with new thermocouple

    A gal I've done a little work for has a 7 yr old Richmond water heater. I've replaced the thermocouple but the pilot still goes out after a few hours. Any deas would be appreciated.
  6. ilya

    Stainless Steel Tank and Copper Plumbing

    That sacrificial element is called an anode, and I don't see the need in a stainless tank.
  7. ilya

    Connecting trap to galvanized nipples

    hj-Are there trap adaptors with female threads? I've always had to glue 'em up.
  8. ilya

    PVC to copper coupler wont seal

    Herr Inspektor makes a good point. There is a copper-to-cpvc union that claims to handle that difference in expansion. I don't know if it is listed for direct burial.
  9. ilya

    What are some tricks to tighten chrome/nickel etc pipes

    Beantown, I love internal wrenches but can't find good ones that last. Got a good brand name for me? Thanks!
  10. ilya

    Pipe scraps, good uses for them

    I envy their physical condition-but not their outfits ;^}
  11. ilya

    Replacing an old 3 handle tub shower faucet

    Could you please tell me what brand you have there?
  12. ilya

    I messed up - how to fix it?

    I'd say you've got the drain right. That fan support is, um, interesting. What about the metal fan support brackets-the type that telecope? They're only about 1/2 inch high.
  13. ilya

    Water heater inlet corrosion

    That connection was surely leaking from day one. All around poor workmanship. Terry, I like brass too. It's great for going from galv to copper. I thought I was the only one!
  14. ilya

    How to have the proper leveling device?

    "Indigenous tools "? Yep, ad campaign.
  15. ilya

    Dead Disposal. Can I remove it?

    It does seem simplest to replace the disposer. If you don't want to do that Shacko's got your part pictured-also called a "branch tailpiece". In which case, that wire, which should be in flexible conduit,does need to be terminated in a box and capped with wirenuts. Leave at least 6" of wire in...
  16. ilya

    Sink strainer flange for kitchen sink (flat vs funnel)

    What you are calling the "funnel" type installs with a smaller nut at the bottom, as opposed to the much bigger nut that requires huge channelocks or prefferably a special tool. I think the funnel is easier to install, and the other type's nut goes bad faster. Terry is right about the...
  17. ilya

    How do you get off these freaking handles?

    I love that style of sink! Patterned after the "Integral spout" type where that bulge at the back was the spout. Kudos for keeping one of the rare ones going!
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