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  1. McconnellPlumbing

    A very low volume well , adding a storage tank (?) Novice!

    At the bottom of your casing string is a vertical section of slits for the water to enter the inside of the well pipe. Around here a little "specific sized" pebbles are dropped down the well bore. Then the casing string is lowered into the well bore and tags bottom. Then more pebbles are...
  2. McconnellPlumbing

    A very low volume well , adding a storage tank (?) Novice!

    Why not replace, redrill, or deepen the well itself if a new pump only brings in 1 gpm instead of the original 8 gpm?
  3. McconnellPlumbing

    Sewage smell in bathroom(s)

    Sometimes there is a p-trap whose water eventually evaporates from non-use and that allows the sewer gas to come up from the drain, think of an unused shower, unused floor drain, unused tub drain. Sometimes a dead animal in the attic can cause an amorphous odor which is spread through parts of...
  4. McconnellPlumbing

    Soft or hard copper and Type M is ok it has to be L or K for bathtub pluming

    In Oklahoma type M (thin wall) is only code approve for above the slab/accessible purposes. Most plumbers use type L throughout a house if they use copper at all. K copper is usually spec'd for commercial jobs.
  5. McconnellPlumbing

    Should I prefer PEX elbow fitting or that bend support for 90 degree angle

    There is a difference between what is called PEX pipe. Uponor/Aquapex is different and superior, IMHO, to Vanpex, Zurnpex and a host of other PEX type water pipes and fittings. There have been some PEX tubing with an aluminum layer in the tubing.
  6. McconnellPlumbing

    This doesn't work! Laundry floor drain backing up.

    It appears your drain line is backing up due to a partial clog. The washing machine puts out too much water too fast and the water can't get past the partial clog fast enough and it backs up in the (lower level) floor drain. Run a snake down the floor drain to get to the clog or go down the...
  7. McconnellPlumbing

    Navien h/w cuts off

    If your hot water flow rate through the shower is close to the minimum flow rate (usually about .5 gpm) required by the Navien, it can cause the unit to overheat before it shuts down and throws an error code. That could explain why when a lav is running concurrently with the shower it doesn't...
  8. McconnellPlumbing

    Tankless or Tank

    We've put in hundreds of tankless water heaters. Great in some ways and not so much in others. I tell my customers its like a 60 year old man marrying a 20 year old woman. Wonderful most of the time, but there are drawbacks. We also service tankless water heaters and they require a higher...
  9. McconnellPlumbing

    Grohe Thermostat Mixer Problem

    1. If the shower valve will not allow enough hot water to flow (above .5 - .75 gpm), the tankless water heater will not fire up and it will allow cold water to go through the unit. Given the static flow rate of the shower, it will take a lower flow rate (gpm) of hot water at 130 degrees (less...
  10. McconnellPlumbing

    Delta faucet keeps running after shut off

    1. If your cartridges were not fully seated into the faucet body when the retaining nuts were tightened, the seats might not be making full contact with the bottom of the cartridge. I'm assuming the tabs on the cartridges were lined up with the slots in the valve body. If not, the...
  11. McconnellPlumbing

    First Water Softener

    A normal water softener will physically remove the hard water particles. Its an ionic exchange. Some salt will be left in the medium but is not noticeable unless you are on a low sodium diet. Salt has to added periodically to the brine tank. Good units regenerate/backflush according to...
  12. McconnellPlumbing

    Do not caulk around stools

    Thanks, I wish all plumbers would read this thread and quit using silicone and silicone based adhesives to caulk around the base of the stools. I do have a question if any old plumbers read this. Do you find yourself getting more cantankerous as you get older about sloppy and incompetent plumbers?
  13. McconnellPlumbing

    Plunging a Toto Drake?

    I use the same type you have pictured above. And I use the same small strokes you talk about. The stool I had to use the towel on had a very pronounced "throat chute" to the bottom of the bowl, Not only elliptical but the throat closest to the front had a trough to it.
  14. McconnellPlumbing

    Plunging a Toto Drake?

    I've used a towel around the base of the plunger to help seal the eliptical shape of the bowl and force the water through. One hand pushing the towel and one for the plunger.
  15. McconnellPlumbing

    Do not caulk around stools

    The DAP ALEX window and door caulk contains silicone. So do some of the others.
  16. McconnellPlumbing

    Offset Closet Flange, 45d flange issue.

    Number one reason I don't like metal rimmed stool flanges... as pictured above. I ran into the same thing today. A rusted metal flange 1" below finished floor. I cleaned the flange, siliconed, and used four Tapcon anchors to secure the first two shims, 1/4" thick each, into the slab, with...
  17. McconnellPlumbing

    LOCTITE PolySeamSeal Formula Tub & Tile Caulking

    I called Loctite and they said the 2 in 1 tub and tile caulk contains a little silicone but the 2 in 1 all purpose caulk does not contain any silicone.
  18. McconnellPlumbing

    Sioux Chief Push-Tite closet flange

    Did you seal between the metal stool flange, shims/spacers/and the new flange? If the stool backs up, would it leak sideways through the shims and flanges?
  19. McconnellPlumbing

    Do not caulk around stools

    Thanks for the interest! I called Loctite and asked them about it. They said the Tub and Tile, pictured above in both pictures, has a little bit of silicone but the All Purpose does not have any at all. The All Purpose is in a blue tube instead of the red tubes as pictured above. It also has...
  20. McconnellPlumbing

    Do not caulk around stools

    I'll try the polyseamseal. I don't like metal rimmed stool flanges like some of the others. The ones I have followed were corroded, the metal was thin and would "butterfly" or bow if the stool flange was not secured real well and allowed the flange to flex side to side. When they use 3/4"...
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