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  1. Midwestboy

    How to plumb double sink 48" vanity?

    "2 LS 1/4 under it" what is that? You'd take out the horizontal branch waste line and replace it with at 2" branch waste line starting below the double fixture tee, is that right?
  2. Midwestboy

    How to plumb double sink 48" vanity?

    Thank you! Your pic has vent inbetween the drains. I was just concerned that without the additional vent, the water coming down the left sink into the waste branch drain would suck the water out of the p-trap of the first drain, or water from right sink draining would try to pull air from left...
  3. Midwestboy

    How to plumb double sink 48" vanity?

    I'm stumped. I've read don't use 2 p-traps with less than 30" between sinks or I'll have issues with slow-draining, mold, etc. Preferred method is a Tee to one p-trap. But in this short vanity with drawers both in the middle and the bottom I can't seem to navigate enough room to do it inside the...
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