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  1. Jbfan74

    Help! How Many "Safe/Approved" circuits in this 20 Space Panel?

    Put in the taller panel and you can splice to the existing wires to reach the bus, or you can install the panel "upside down"
  2. Jbfan74

    Light Switch wired to receptacle. Can I use to add recessed lights?

    No need to use MC unless it is required in his area. NM can be fished down a wall without being stapled.
  3. Jbfan74

    New basement electrical circuit

    Are you going to finish the basement at some point? Junction boxes can not be hidden. What i do is run 2 1/2 in pipes to the box, one for the wire in and one for the wire out. Nothing wrong with cable inside a sleeve of conduit.
  4. Jbfan74

    14/3 strange usage

    I have a great Mother in law also. She lives 7 hours away!
  5. Jbfan74

    Septic system electrical lines

    Use thwn wire instead of the uf and make your life easier when pulling.
  6. Jbfan74

    Hot Tub Wiring

    You don't need the gfci in the main panel. The spa panel has a gfci included. What do you mean by whip?
  7. Jbfan74

    3-way switching, outside damp location, off of a GFCI

    If you are in GA, a neutral is required at the 3 way switch in the house. I prefer to not put my lights on the load side of gfci's. Go Jackets! THWG
  8. Jbfan74

    Wiring in a 220 circuit for Tankless water heater - Cunduit from behind the wall?

    Chances are you will need at least 2 circuits, and maybe 3. If you think you will save that much with electric, then put in a 40 gallon tank heater.
  9. Jbfan74

    Afci & gfci on same circuit??

    I would not go with the extra exspense, but it is your house, go for it. Are you also going to do the kitchen this way?
  10. Jbfan74

    Wall Oven connection - J-box mandatory?

    Does the new oven come with a whip? If it does, then you need a j box somewhere to connect the whip to the feed.
  11. Jbfan74

    Making Decora Wall Plate Look Good

    I would slap that plate on, line the screws up and move on. Now that makes 5!:)
  12. Jbfan74

    outlet blew up

    Sorry to hear about your injuries, and I hope you are doing better. With that said, coming to an internet forum and asking legal questions is not smart. The only person that can answer your questions is a lawyer. We can speculate what might have cause the problem, but not a single sole on...
  13. Jbfan74

    Proper treatment of disconnected circuit

    Really stupid advice don!
  14. Jbfan74

    Proper treatment of disconnected circuit

    Remove the wires from the breaker, place wire nuts on them and push them out of the way. Remove the breaker in question, and install the new circuits you want. Leave the old breaker inside the panel.
  15. Jbfan74

    4 wire range to 3 wire receptacle

    If it was used on a 4 wire circuit, then the bond would have been removed.
  16. Jbfan74

    Merry Christmas

    Same to you Mike, and of course everyone else!
  17. Jbfan74

    Service Pole to Well House Underground Line Specs

    Bob, I have one suggestion for you. When you run the 4 wires and make them up in the main panel, go ahead and hook up the neutral wire. This saves you from having to open the main panel when add your sub.
  18. Jbfan74

    Use of registered names like ROMEX® on this forum, this is a poll

    Make it a sticky and call it good! This just be the start of many more. Most people that ask questions here would not know what you mean if you said nmb instead of romex!
  19. Jbfan74

    oversized circuit breaker question

    Depending on the panel, you need a ch230, or a br230, both listed at lowes and HD. Good Luck.
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