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  1. Verdeboy

    Pipe stub for hand held shower

    Okay, you got me there. I'm not familiar with those fancy models. But you didn't answer his question. ;)
  2. Verdeboy

    Advice for disposal install..

    Abrasive soaps, bacteria...
  3. Verdeboy

    Advice for disposal install..

    I've seen plenty of plastic ones rot out. Unless you are talking about some new space-age polymer.
  4. Verdeboy

    Advice for disposal install..

    He might be referring to the nipple on the disposer, where the DW drain is connected. That nipple does tend to be the first thing to "rot away" on a G/D.
  5. Verdeboy

    URINE smell in shower!

    Sewer smells in bathrooms are often the result of a clogged vent pipe. Did you have a lot of snow and/or sleet recently?
  6. Verdeboy

    Pipe stub for hand held shower

    All of the hand-held showers that I'm aware of screw directly on to the old shower arm. I don't know why you would need or want to replace the shower arm.
  7. Verdeboy

    Myspace = malware¿

    "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!" MySpace is a cesspool.
  8. Verdeboy

    Removing fiberglass one piece shower and replacing with something.

    There is another forum, where they can walk you through your entire project.
  9. Verdeboy

    help repairing shower valves

    Did you try removing the shower head? If it is blocked with debris, that would cause low pressure.
  10. Verdeboy

    Need help with filter to fitting leak please.

    Some fittings require more teflon tape than others. Also, a quarter turn with a channel locks past hand-tightened is often needed to get a good connection. Just don't crack anything. It would be better to use compression fittings, so you can turn them tighter if you have to. With this type of...
  11. Verdeboy

    Slow water drain

    Last year, when I visited my parents in SE Michigan, they got their main line rodded out for $80.00 from a reputable plumbing company. So, prices do vary tremendously.
  12. Verdeboy

    Intermittent Hot Water

    That water heater is still under warranty. The manufacturer should send someone out to look at it at no charge.
  13. Verdeboy

    Water Heater Cold Water Inlet "Overflow"

    In my research, the only 3-way ball valve I could find with a plastic tube coming down is for winterizing hot water tanks in RV's. The tube somehow sucks antifreeze into the tank from a bucket. But my guess is, you don't live in an RV. :)
  14. Verdeboy

    Water Heater Cold Water Inlet "Overflow"

    It also means the installer never came back from that long lunch to finish the job. But that's only a guess. That valve may be for something else.
  15. Verdeboy

    Water Heater Cold Water Inlet "Overflow"

    Cold water fills the tank instantly, as hot water is used. Good idea, Ratz. I love experiments. :)
  16. Verdeboy

    Water Heater Cold Water Inlet "Overflow"

    My only guess is that the mystery line goes to a non-existent expansion tank.
  17. Verdeboy

    Attachments Have Reached Their Max

    KK I guess it was just a temporary glitch in the system. There's no limit on our total number of attachments is there?
  18. Verdeboy

    Water going on and off inside the walls

    Even easier is to close the stop valves on all your toilets and see if the noise goes away. If it does not, check your water meter to see if it is spinning.
  19. Verdeboy

    Attachments Have Reached Their Max

    Terry, Can you or a mod delete all my attachments or extend my limit. I tried to delete a few, but it was taking a long time. Thanks
  20. Verdeboy

    Cracks in shower

    I don't know of any caulk that holds up underwater, that's why I recommended re-grouting the bottom crack. Usually, a shower pan is raised up a few inches from the floor, so the seam is not underwater.
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