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  1. Larry S

    Bathroom sink - Ceramic or Vitreous China for undermount

    I've noticed some sinks, or similar models, are available in either ceramic or vitreous china - even from the same manufacturer. Which should I pick and why? Also: Some basic brands or house brands (Glacier bay) look about the same as the more well known brands and as much as 1/3 the price...
  2. Larry S

    Can I temporarily replace laundry utility sink with a stand pipe and if so then how?

    Thanks for the ideas! I priced the parts needed for the 2" at Menards (Thanks for the list and idea wwhitney! And it wasn't much more than buying a couple tailpiece extensions and I already had some glue and another part I needed from a while back. So I'll give that a try. I might have an...
  3. Larry S

    Can I temporarily replace laundry utility sink with a stand pipe and if so then how?

    I'm planning on doing a little renovation in my laundry room which will involve replacing, or rebuilding, the laundry room sink cabinet (an old poor looking Duratub utility sink). We use the washing machine every day so I'm thinking of just installing a standpipe for the few days that there...
  4. Larry S

    Any need to replace this 6 year old anode rod?

    After learning about how anode rods work and replacing them, I was going to replace the anode in my 6 year old water heater. (Rheem Pro+75-76N). But when I started to pull it out it looks very intact so I was going to hold off. Anything I'm missing which would suggest replacement now? Of...
  5. Larry S

    CeFiONtect Cleaning Clarification

    But the CEFIONTECT instructions say not to use products that include acid. I started looking at this because I noticed the cleaners we usually use either have bleach (Clorox brand) or hydrochloric acid (Lysol brand). I'm still looking for the answer
  6. Larry S

    Parts needed for TOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada installation?

    Toto does not include a toilet seat!! Other than that, if the installer is providing the wax ring and supply line then they should have all other necessary parts such as bolts and leveling shims. The thread on this site about installing a Toto toilet shows everything involved...
  7. Larry S

    After years of use it now clogs almost every time

    Home Depot sells the Entrada, you do have to special order it but there is no shipping charge if you pick it up at the store.
  8. Larry S

    Toto Drake II model number confusion

    I found that looking at the spec sheet on Toto's website, clears up some confusion on stuff like this as it lists the components (tank and bowl) for two piece toilets. These are always shipped in two different boxes and not as a single unit.
  9. Larry S

    2 piece toilet recommendation

    I bought a Toto Entrada from Home Depot. Had to order it (did so online) and it was shipped free to store. You can look at Toto's website, and various other online sites, to see what it looks like. I'm very happy with it. There were a few plumbing supply stores in town which carried them but...
  10. Larry S

    Best toilet about $200 or under? Prefer 1.6 gal (Can 1.28 gal. be converted to 1.6 gal?)

    I bought the elongated Toto entrada from Home Depot for under $200 (might have been over including the toilet seat as that was sold separately. It is a high/ADA level toilet. I've had it for several months now and it works great. No issues at all with the 1.28 gallon flush. I was worried...
  11. Larry S

    Wax Versus Non-Wax Toilet Seals

    When I installed my new toilet (Toto Entrada) after a remodel, and new tile floor, the ring was roughly even with the floor although not completely level with it. One side was 1/4" above floor one side slightly lower. I was thinking of using the Fluidmaster non-wax ring but called...
  12. Larry S

    Legal/landlord issues... Is it me or my low flow toilet??!!

    If someone wanted to prepare for what really happens in small claims court a day sitting in on a real small claims court session at your local court might do better. There are also a lot of web sites and youtube videos on the subject. Has she actually sued you yet or is she just threatening...
  13. Larry S

    Toilet Sewer Odor Issue

    Am I missing something here? I don't see any bolts on the flange or places where bolts would have been. Is this some different type of connection or is that the problem?
  14. Larry S

    Compact Elongated Seat comfort

    Why do you need a compact toilet? If you are looking for more legroom in front of the toilet then look at the photos in the middle of this page:
  15. Larry S

    Polyseamseal, and current product names

    I didn't see the Polyseamseal, or equivalent Locktite products in the stores around me. I bought DAP Kwik Seal Plus so hopefully that is OK, but I think it would still be helpful to others if someone knowledgeable would comment on the DAP line. I noticed that Kwick Seal and Kwik Seal Plus...
  16. Larry S

    DIYer Installed Toto Toilet and Things I Obsessed about

    I didn't break off the shims until after final setting of the toilet. Added a couple shims, one just a sliver, next to one of them as there was room. Besides I needed the back part of the ship to hold the tape. I scored them with a knife then broke off. The bolts I had came with the thick...
  17. Larry S

    DIYer Installed Toto Toilet and Things I Obsessed about

    Didn't caulk yet but planning on it. I'm trying to decide, or get the wife to decide, if I should use clear or white. I figured I'd give it a bit before caulking and wait until I get the baseboards installed as I can use the same type of caulk (paintable) for any gaps on those. Stores around...
  18. Larry S

    DIYer Installed Toto Toilet and Things I Obsessed about

    After a couple week delay due to warehouse shipping errors, I received my Toto Entrada toilet last night and installed it today. I noticed the instructions with the toilet covered the Drake models and several other similar toilets in the Toto line as well as the Entrada. I read the thread...
  19. Larry S

    Ordering a Toto from a big box store?

    My toilet, Toto Entrada, finally came in at Home Depot. Picked it up and installed it today and all is well. I'm a little disappointed on their shipping issues that delayed this almost two weeks, but happy with the product and price. The closest plumbing dealer that stocks Toto is a bit far...
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