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  1. GL77

    Hose spigot vacuum breakers

    Thanks a lot for the replies. I don't have the built in anti-siphon type of spigot and I can't change it out. I've been looking at vacuum breakers on Woodford's site and the price can vary from around $7 to almost $50 so there must be some quality differences! Does a better quality vacuum...
  2. GL77

    Hose spigot vacuum breakers

    I have a question about the vacuum breakers that screw onto the hose spigot, I'm just curious how they work really. Are they 100% effective at keeping water from backflowing? Can a tiny amount of water get through before it closes off? I know how important they are. I just don't really...
  3. GL77

    Bathroom smells after showering

    Maintenance says your pipes aren't connected to sewer? Where the heck does the waste water go then?
  4. GL77

    Who makes high quality supply lines for sinks/toilets?

    I have a question. Why is the stainless steel rusting if there is a rubber tube inside? Not that stainless should rust anyway, but doesn't it need to be wet to rust? I only have the stainless flex lines at my washer and sinks. I haven't had a problem but I do have some cheap water alarms under...
  5. GL77

    Is my partially cut exterior wall stud safe?

    Sometimes it's harder having a friend or relative do a job for you. Resentments can crop up. Is your cousin a licensed plumber or a licensed contractor? Is there any reason you can't go down to home depot and pick up a roll of fiberglass insulation and feed it through the opening that is...
  6. GL77

    Need help: how to best add a cleanout to a line in the crawlspace

    We had a clog issue with a kitchen drain and had similar access to the pipe in the basement. We opted to just cut out a section of pipe about 10' long and replace it, it was totally clogged with grease. I'm religious about keeping grease out of the drain ever since then, I can't believe how...
  7. GL77

    Is my partially cut exterior wall stud safe?

    I don't know what's required but look at it this way, it will never be easier to insulate than it is right now. Why would you want to have any exterior wall that isn't insulated, especially if there is plumbing in it? Code where I am is that it must be insulated and all holes to non-insulated...
  8. GL77

    Terry Love- cancer update

    That is great to see! And Andrea, thanks so much for taking on the forum, you are much appreciated! It's easy to see that Terry was blessed with a great family, it's so good to see things continuing on. :)
  9. GL77

    Bathroom sink conversion, single or double?

    When there is space for it (like in this case) I like double sinks. It gives the opportunity for each person to have their personal space with the items they use nearby and also both can get ready at the same time if they need to. On a smaller counter, I think a centered sink is the way to go or...
  10. GL77

    Tankless water heater with tank

    My Rinnai has an internal recirculating pump. I don't know if yours is similar but I have not found it to make a difference at all. The problem is, you turn on the hot water. You have to turn it on a strong enough blast to trigger the tankless water heater to turn on. A trickle of water will not...
  11. GL77

    Tankless water heater with tank

    This is how I used to have mine set up, just a 6 gallon WH after the tankless, and it was the best system I ever had for hot water. Hot water as soon as you needed it, even if you are barely running the water, and it never runs out. When the WH had to be replaced, my plumber talked me into...
  12. GL77

    When faucets are hard to find….

    I love my old Delta kitchen faucet with washers and brass fittings and take good care of it so I hope it lasts forever. The one I had in my bathroom developed an internal leak and they sent me a new one. Delta is great like that. But I hate the new one with the cartridge and plastic tubing. You...
  13. GL77

    Is it normal for water pressure to fluctuate when no water is running?

    Thanks, I figured it was probably normal pressure variations. If it weren't for the sound the plastic tubing makes, I'd never be aware of it. It's weird to think of though. Plumbing is so interesting.
  14. GL77

    Is it normal for water pressure to fluctuate when no water is running?

    I have an Apec 3 stage filter that goes to a drinking water faucet at my sink. It's really nice. I have tons of sediment in my water and it comes out the filter clear, albeit full of bubbles. I disconnected my ice maker in the refrigerator because I never use it.
  15. GL77

    Is it normal for water pressure to fluctuate when no water is running?

    I have an undersink water filter that has plastic tubing lines that jerk just a little when water has turned on or off in the house or yard, just so you hear them creak and you know water pressure has changed. Today I've been around the house all day and I have been hearing them doing that...
  16. GL77

    See you later, not goodbye!

    I am so very sad to hear this. My condolences to the whole family. Terry was a great man who accomplished so much, he had a part in peoples' lives far and wide. I never met him yet I feel like I lost a friend and mentor, I have learned so much from this site, this creation of his. In my opinion...
  17. GL77

    Is rubber pipe insulation safe near water heater?

    I ran into a small problem, the plumber installed some of the lines pretty tight to the wall. Am I going to put undue stress on them if I force pipe insulation behind them?
  18. GL77

    Rotten egg smell; drain pipe in cold air return?

    Thanks for letting us know how things turned out. So many times we get left hanging wondering whatever happened! It's a good thing that you found that and glad it was an easy fix.
  19. GL77

    Why does a toilet "burp"?

    I'm on city sewer but I have a sewage basin in the yard that pumps uphill to the city sewer. I had a plumber out for something unrelated the other day and he said, being as all the drains are functioning normal and it happens really infrequently, it could be caused by the city sewer sucking air...
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