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  1. Gopherxx

    Fleck 5600 Settings recommendation

    Bannerman and Reach4 - thank you for replying today and taking time from your day to help. I have made the recommended adjustments(25k)and added additional water. I'll regen it in a couple hours. I may end up changing it to the higher dosage, but I'd like to see how this works first...
  2. Gopherxx

    Fleck 5600 Settings recommendation

    10x44 Labels on back .5gpm 1.5lbs/min Injector 1 Drain flow 2.4 Hope those numbers are what is needed. If I need to tear in to I can, just have to do it tonight when I get home. Capacity that I purchased was 40k, is that a relative number or did I get sold a "marketing pitch"? The default...
  3. Gopherxx

    Fleck 5600 Settings recommendation

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a 2 week old Iron filter and water softener installed in-line with each other(iron then softener). Model details below. I'm fairly certain the regeneration process is working correctly, but my water doesn't "feel" soft. The first few regen's we...
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