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  1. Pink Jazz

    Fair value of 8-year-old used Delta Lahara (Stainless) + Moen Plastic Drain Assembly

    So far, I have sold two used faucets, a friend's used Moen Aberdeen kitchen faucet in Stainless Steel (with missing parts) on eBay, and our used Delta Leland kitchen faucet in Arctic Stainless on Facebook Marketplace. However, I am also trying to sell a friend's used Moen Chateau in Chrome and...
  2. Pink Jazz

    Fair value of 8-year-old used Delta Lahara (Stainless) + Moen Plastic Drain Assembly

    Hello. I will be swapping out an 8-year-old Delta Lahara bathroom faucet in Stainless for a Moen Genta in Spot-Resist Brushed Nickel. I will be keeping the existing metal Delta drain assembly and plan to bundle the included plastic Moen drain assembly with the Delta Lahara to sell it. I was...
  3. Pink Jazz

    Braeburn thermostats

    It seems like almost every commercial building here in the Phoenix area has Braeburn thermostats installed. I wonder what makes them a popular choice for commercial applications. I understand that Braeburn primarily sells to contractors.
  4. Pink Jazz

    Shipping warranty requests to Highway Contract addresses

    I got my answer from Moen - if the item shipped is over 0.8 lbs, the address must be a physical address (shipped via FedEx Express). Luckily, I have an alternate address that I can use (my aunt's address). I can try using my grandparents' physical UPS/FedEx address, but some systems cut off the...
  5. Pink Jazz

    Shipping warranty requests to Highway Contract addresses

    I was wondering, do Delta and Moen ship warranty requests to Highway Contract addresses? To ship to Highway Contract addresses they would obviously have to ship via USPS. Delta's preferred carrier is UPS, while Moen's preferred carrier is FedEx. I have family in Puerto Rico that have Highway...
  6. Pink Jazz

    Moen Chateau bathroom faucet mounting screws

    I was wondering, what kind of mounting screws does the Moen Chateau bathroom faucet use? I am selling one for a friend and I just realized the one he gave me only includes one mounting screw when there should be two. The Moen parts diagram does not indicate a part number. There seems to be ZERO...
  7. Pink Jazz

    Distinguishing Moen Adler vs. Chateau Bathroom Faucet

    I was wondering, for Moen bathroom faucets, how do you distinguish the Adler from the Chateau? Apparently, the Chateau is a better model. We are remodeling and are trying to sell our old faucets. I have attached a photo. Is this an Adler or a Chateau?
  8. Pink Jazz

    Why so few 2-hole kitchen sinks?

    My grandfather doesn't have a dishwasher (most homes in Puerto Rico do not have dishwashers or garbage disposals).
  9. Pink Jazz

    Why so few 2-hole kitchen sinks?

    I was wondering, why are there so few 2-hole kitchen sink options? By far the most common configurations are 1, 3, and 4 holes. We just did a kitchen remodel for my grandfather. It would be great if Kohler offered a 2-hole version of their Verse drop-in sink, that way we wouldn't have had to...
  10. Pink Jazz

    Favorite Smart Faucet

    I was wondering, which smart faucet do you prefer - U by Moen, Delta Touch2O with VoiceIQ, or Kohler Sensate with Konnect? I have the U by Moen and I love it. Gives me very little problems.
  11. Pink Jazz

    Are Moen sinks underrated?

    While Moen faucets are highly regarded, little attention is given to their sinks. For my grandfather's kitchen remodel I went with a Moen Adler pulldown faucet, but a Kohler Verse sink due to Moen being a fairly obscure brand of sink. So, do you thinn Moen sinks are underrated?
  12. Pink Jazz

    Delta shower valve trims - logo change

    We have a Delta Lahara valve trim that we will have to drill out the set screw. We are replacing it with a Delta Classic (with lever handle). I noticed our new Delta Classic trim has an all caps sans serif Delta logo, while our old Lahara and the image of the Classic trim online has an...
  13. Pink Jazz

    Moen Bathtub Drain Assembly - Now That's an Upgrade!

    Just as a story, I just replaced a generic bathtub drain assembly with a Moen one, and the difference was night and day. The Moen bathtub drain assembly is a high-quality unit, and is well worth the price compared to generic options. It seems to be a bit heavier than the old drain generic...
  14. Pink Jazz

    Identify this Delta shower valve

    I was wondering, could you identify this Delta shower valve? I am at my grandparents house. There are two of these valves paired with the Delta pull-down diverter spouts and Delta arms, one with a 5.5 inch Moen Engage with Magnetix showerhead and the other with a Moen Adler showerhead.
  15. Pink Jazz

    Authorized Moen resellers on Amazon

    I would like to know, does anyone know which sellers online are authorized resellers of Moen (for warranty purposes)? I would just like to know for future reference. It appears Buildcom and HardwareUSA are authorized resellers. Does anyone know of any others?
  16. Pink Jazz

    Delta Leland, Identify Kitchen Faucet Make

    This is apparently a known issue with this faucet. Our builder installed one of these and unless the handle is perfectly centered, after several years the faucet would drip. We since replaced it with a U by Moen Arbor.
  17. Pink Jazz

    How is this showerhead/arm for a guest shower?

    Hello there. We are thinking about remodeling our guest shower, and we are thinking about installing a rainshower for it. I was looking at this showerhead: Moen 6345BN Collection 8-Inch Fixed Rainshower Showerhead, Brushed Nickel - - And this shower arm: Moen S113BN Waterhill...
  18. Pink Jazz

    Tub spouts - Once a Delta always a Delta?

    This is for my grandfather. I need to check what he has the next time I go to Puerto Rico. I know with the thread-on Delta spouts if the adapter is soldered to copper you are stuck with replacing it with another Delta spout unless you replace the whole copper tube. Can I replace it with any...
  19. Pink Jazz

    Tub spouts - Once a Delta always a Delta?

    I am slowly updating the bathroom of my grandfather. Earlier this year I bought him a Moen Engage with Magnetix showerhead. I also want to update the bathtub spout to something new and nicer. From what I understand, Delta uses these soldered-on adapters for their spouts. So does this mean...
  20. Pink Jazz

    Is Brizo underrated?

    I'm personally a Moen fan myself, although Delta products are good too. I just wonder why Brizo tends to fly under the radar when it comes to the luxury plumbing fixtures segment compared to the European brands. Delta has a three tiered system, with Peerless in the economy segment, Delta in...
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