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  1. verma

    How to determine proper bed depth

    Hi, I have a 10x54 iron filter filled with birm. It has an old fleck backwashing valve which is no longer functioning. I removed the control head to examine the media and was surprised to find the birm packed tightly into the vessel all the way to the threads. How do I determine the...
  2. verma

    Clack WS-1 Parts

    I don't know that the valves have any problems. One unit I wouldn't hesitate to put into service. The other I would not put into service having seen the o-rings. Why would you replace the stack structure if it is mechanically sound with the exception of the orings? I just found the...
  3. verma

    Well sealing question

    Does the coupling wrap around the pipe with horizontal bolts that pull the sleeve tight against the pipe? Or is it a compression style where vertical bolts draw flanges into the sleeve to compress the rubber against the pipe?
  4. verma

    Clack WS-1 Parts

    New guy on the board. I hope this is not an ignorant question but I have searched the posts and come up empty. I am looking for parts to rebuild two WS-1s. Specifically the outboard o-rings on the stack, a few spring clips and a cap for the brine line. Having called a few vendors I can only...
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