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  1. Rockycmt

    HVAC part identification

    I am sloowly rebuilding my furnace. 30+ years old. It has light use so not wanting to do a replacement. I have two swithces in the heat exchanged of the box. (Not the fire box) One is gray 471955437 and one is red. Cant fully read the numbers. Can anyone tell me what they do? I assume...
  2. Rockycmt

    Beckett - replace ingnition

    This is what I have.
  3. Rockycmt

    Beckett - replace ingnition

    I have a Beckett AFG burner. It is my vacation home so only runs 1-2 months out of the year. Been a solid unit. It is a very remote area and has very little access to parts within 50 miles. So I like to have a spare set of anything that can go wrong. I have: nozzles Electrodes Oil pump...
  4. Rockycmt

    New zone recommendation.

    What I am looking for is a furnace without the heating element. Just a blower. I was thinking of adding a Hot Water heat exchanger to the plenum plumb the zone thru it. I can easily duct that around the basement. Do they have such a unit? Those unit heaters look a bit too garage style.
  5. Rockycmt

    New zone recommendation.

    I have a vacant zone in my basement. Sitting unused. I have a hydronic WH system. I would like to find a forced air solution. It is part finished space in a utility room. More heat below means more heat above I say. It stays cold down there and the first floor floor remains cold. What...
  6. Rockycmt

    Home water testing

    I have just installed an under the counter 3M water filter. I would like to submit my water sample to a 3rd party to get an idea of what we are dealing with. We are on city water not well. Are there any recommended 'goto' services that we should consider using?
  7. Rockycmt

    Hydronic system question

    What I mean is my thermostat logs "on" time. So I can see how many hrs the circulatory runs over the two periods of like outside temp. This will tell me roughly which is more economical for my home.
  8. Rockycmt

    Hydronic system question

    Dana, You make a lot of good points. I am not an HVAC professional and I do not come across to be. My monoflow system has 3 zones. 2 heating zones (One first floor and one second floor) and one indirect Hot Water tank. All thermostats are wired direct to the zone control valves. I have...
  9. Rockycmt

    Hydronic system question

    I have a HW hydronic heating system. Very standard monoflow loop. I am in the north east. What I have noticed over the years is that the furnace fights hard to get up to temp when the call comes for heat. So when the house drops in temp and the radiators go ice cold... the call comes and...
  10. Rockycmt

    Replace pressure reducing valve

    I have a pressure reducing valve that I would like to replace. I would like to get a direct replacement so it will plumb right in. It is B138-7R Sid Harvey's B&G B3 BRASS Where can I get this? Or a rebuild kit?
  11. Rockycmt

    Beckett Oil burner parts

    I have a Beckett oil burner. It has an Phelon 40100-01 Primary control and igniter. It is starting to age. It has some cracks in the housing and I have some tape holding it together. I would like to get a new one. Seems this part is long discontinued. What is my next option for changing...
  12. Rockycmt

    Power Vent

    Need to replace my furnace power vent. HST120-j Looking for a direct replacement. Anyone have a good site to get this?
  13. Rockycmt

    Hydronic zone vent

    This is a great idea. This is simple actually. I was planning to so a manual vent anyway. I will likely do exactly this. TY for your suggestion.
  14. Rockycmt

    Hydronic zone vent

    I need to add a vent to the top floor of my loop. I have an exposed piece if 1/2 pipe in a wall that I can access. I was thinking of adding an access panel to the wall and putting a vent on it. What is the best type of vent? I do not mind a manual one. But there has to be an easy sweat on...
  15. Rockycmt

    Beckett Burner has a small leak

    My furnace started to have a slight leak under the plastic housing of the burner. It drips down from where the case halves meet and drips just enough to make it stink. I started to investigate. The nozzle was all black and full of carbon. I changed that out. Electrodes all look good and...
  16. Rockycmt

    Hydronic heating unit for basement

    I have hydronic HW heating. I have an unused zone on my boiler. I would like to heat my basement with it. But I want to do it with hot air. Is there a unit I can get to have the zone supply it Hot Water and A fan can do the heat transfer. Yes I can hard wire it. What is type of unit this...
  17. Rockycmt

    Kohler Cast Iron tub has a ceack in the finish

    Problem: After about 6 months installed we noticed a crack in the white enamel. It is a standard Cast Iron white tub. what are my options? It certainly was not there at install.
  18. Rockycmt

    Adding a C wire to my 2 wire thermotat

    I have a 2 wire thermostat (heat only). Simply connects the circuit to the zone valve. When it closes it turns triggers the end switch of the valve which kicks on the circulator. Sounds straightforward. Well I want to add a Wifi Thermostat. All the ones I looked at need a C wire. (For...
  19. Rockycmt

    Indirect Hot water is Yellow

    ty for this reply. I have flushed as much as I could from the potable side. Rather clear now. But I am sure the problem still exists. All connections are copper and brass. No galvanized piping. No pressure spikes on boiler side so I feel the coil is still intact. No pressure relief is...
  20. Rockycmt

    Indirect Hot water is Yellow

    It looks identical to this. I do not see an anode port as I have seen on Electric heaters.
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