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  1. buhrly

    Hooking up my solar panels to my closed loop geothermal system

    Do you use the GEO for cooling? If so this will effect the effiency on the cooling side. buhrly
  2. buhrly

    Connecting solar hot water system to geothermal HVAC

    The glycol mixes are probably different between the two systems. Sounds possible with some three way valves and a boiler control that could prioritize the calls. It would be much more efficient to extract heat from 100 degree water then 55 degree. I have done this using exchangers and control as...
  3. buhrly

    Rinnai connected to existing water heater?

    The problem with having a ondemand feed into a water heater is the flow to the house would be determined by how fast the on demand could heat the water. Check your incoming water temp and the charts for the unit before doing this. Another option is to use the 50 gal as a preheat turned to its...
  4. buhrly

    Shady receipt of a Rinnai water heater

    Since most of the posts have trashed on these unit will speak of a benefit. You can shower all day if you choose! More efficient Yes. Do not draw energy when not in use. Do they require maintenance Yes. Do they get a bad rap from some of the early models Yes. And make sure there is enough...
  5. buhrly

    Solar panel glass removal help

    Solar repair If possible it would be better to remove the panel from the roof. This will make removing the glass and repair much easier. This will also make it possible to air test the panel and make sure all the leaks have been repaired. Buhrly
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