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  1. Furd

    Toto soft-close seat

    Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately the links provide no helpful information. I have no problem with the soft close feature itself, it is the pins that work their way to the middle of the hinge and out of the seat and lid "ears" that is the problem. There are no little plastic pins holding...
  2. Furd

    Toto soft-close seat

    About ten years ago I bought two Toto Carlyle toilets and they came with the soft-close seats. For reasons that are unimportant I have yet to install the second toilet. About a year, maybe a year and a half ago the lid on the seat assembly came loose first on one side and then the other. I...
  3. Furd

    Does running Furnace cause Tankless Water Heater to not heat water ???

    While SOME gas meters are okay up to 320,000 BTUs/hour many will be hard pressed to pass more than 250,000 BTUs/hour. It also depends upon how the tankless heaters are piped from the gas main. If they are just tee'ed off a central main you may be experiencing a severe pressure drop and THAT...
  4. Furd

    Remodeling Forums ?

    I have a "dust bag" on my miter saw. I doubt that it catches even 10% of the sawdust. I tried connecting my vacuum cleaner in place of the dust bag and it wasn't any better.
  5. Furd

    Insulating Outlet/Light Boxes

    Retrofit is difficult but in new construction use tape to close off all the holes in the box and some spray foam or caulk to seal the wire penetration. Use some siliconized latex caulk to seal between the edge of the box and the drywall.
  6. Furd

    New Install Help Please

    Your description is a bit confusing. Do you mean you have TWO shower heads and each is rated at 2-1/2 gallons per minute? If so, then THAT is the problem. A tank-type water heater can supply roughly 70% of its ultimate capacity before a noticeable drop in temperature occurs. That would...
  7. Furd

    Boiler Pressure & T&P Relief Valve

    First of all, boilers DO NOT have "T&P" valves, they have safety valves that operate on PRESSURE ONLY! Good practice is to change the safety valve every five years. If your gauge is always reading 33 psi then the gauge needs to be replaced. Without a properly functioning gauge you are...
  8. Furd

    7 way switch?

    When you write that there are two pushbuttons at each control point that really points to a low-voltage control system. If is indeed a low voltage control then there are several possibilities including timers and connection to the home automation system. If it is a combination of three-way...
  9. Furd

    Question? Will a Energy efficient dryer cost more or less then a Gas dryer

    A gas-fired dryer will generally be more expensive to purchase but less expensive to operate than an electric dryer.
  10. Furd

    NM cable in PVC conduit

    As Catcher_chick noted type NM cable is not rated for wet areas so that is OUT for that reason alone. Second reason is that you would find 6-3 w/g to be almost impossible to pull through anything less than 1-1/2 inch conduit and maybe even the 1-1/2 inch conduit. Remember that you can have no...
  11. Furd

    Injecting Inhibitor in Hydronic System

    "All-in-one" boiler chemicals are usually about as effective as snake oil is in curing the common cold. The best thing you can do is to make darn sure there are no leaks in your system and THAT will eliminate the incursion of fresh water. It is the fresh water that contains air (oxygen) that...
  12. Furd

    Injecting Inhibitor in Hydronic System

    With very few exceptions anytime chemicals are added to a system that is also connected to a potable water system (the make-up water pressure reducing valve on a heating system) it is REQUIRED that a Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer be installed between the potable and non-potable systems...
  13. Furd

    240 2pole30amp breaker testing

    Is this in a General Electric panel? One that takes half-slot breakers? If yes, then you need to move the circuit breaker over one slot. There are a couple of other panels that have this quirk but I don't remember the make.
  14. Furd

    Toto Soft Close Repair?

    I suspect the fluid is glycerine.
  15. Furd

    Toilet Overflow/Drainage Issues - 1 Bathroom Only

    I would strongly suggest that you get a drain-cleaning service to run a camera down your sewer pipes. Cast iron should last for many decades.
  16. Furd

    Toilet Overflow/Drainage Issues - 1 Bathroom Only

    Is your house built on a slab? Some areas were slow to adopt plastic piping for underground usage even after allowing it to be used above ground.
  17. Furd


    Yes. The 'rejection " (not reject) feature is built into the fuseholder and is to prevent using a lower voltage rated fuse.
  18. Furd

    grounding 2000W inverter generator

    IF the Honda generator has a built-in GFCI then I agree with jwelectric. If it does NOT have a built-in GFCI then the method I suggest IS acceptable. OR you could use a portable GFCI between the generator and the power inlet in the garage. This is probably the best option.
  19. Furd

    Leaking at supply tube coupling

    IF, the size of the threads on the nut are the same and IF the ferrule cone is the same then you might be able to put new valves on using the old nuts and ferrules. I'd say try it but just snug the nuts slightly more than hand tight and then turn the main water back on to check for leaks. If...
  20. Furd

    grounding 2000W inverter generator

    Since you cannot answer I have put you on permanent ignore.
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